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Nikita -- Goodbye, Cassandra, Hopefully Forever!

Updated on March 25, 2012

You knew last week when Alex and Sean discovered little Miss Cassandra was a Golgo mole planed in MI6 that she was going to be back. We can hope it's for the last time. Every time you think she's going to buy the farm, something happens to prevent it. She's beginning to rival The Vampire Diaries' Elena in surviving so many attempts on her life and it both cases, it's gotten old.

NIkita is trying to cover the bullet holes in the aftermath of the shoot-out between Birkhoff and Carla. No Birkhoff, this week. Or Ryan. Doubt he went home with that barracuda Amanda probably just chomping at the bit to recapture him. So I'm guessing he's staying at Birkhoff's now, too. I understand that if Nikita is renewed Ryan will be made a regular. I just hope that doesn't mean they're going to kill off Birkhoff and make Ryan their new answer man. Sorry Ryan fans, but if it's a choice between him and Birkhoff, I pick Birkhoff.

Alex and Sean call Nikita and tell her Cassandra is a Golgo mole planted in MI6. Michael goes ballistic when he learns the truth. He wants them to go to London and grab Max and disappear. Nikita isn't on board with that. In fact, she tells Michael she's not mother material. They head to Russia to thwart Cassandra's plan to kill Semak.

Meanwhile, Semak goes to Alex thinking she has Katya. He reveals he did what he did because he loves her mother and Alex believes him. They almost seem to reach a detente. Meanwhile, Ari gives Cassandra one last assignment for him. She goes to MI6 headquarters and convinces them to send a team to Russia.

Michael confronts Cassandra, who claims Ari didn't assign her to kill Semak and that this is her last mission, while Nikita thwarts Ari's plan to make it look like MI6 behind killing Semak. Ari still kills Semak and tries to put the blame on MI6. He sends Golgo after the MI6 team. Thanks to Michael and Nikita, Cassandra escapes plot number one to kill her.

Meanwhile, Ari and Amanda's plot to get Zetrov from Alex goes into high gear. Ari grabbed Katya, although they're calling it rescued, and are keeping her in a house guarded by Division. When Alex arrives and is reunited with her mother. It's at that point Amanda tells Alex the only way she and Katya can leave the house is if Alex signs over Zetrov to Amanda and Ari. Katya is all for it, but Alex refuses. She, Sean and Katya manage to escape Amanda's people, and while Sean takes Katya to safety, Alex decides to return and and fight to take Amanda down.

Meanwhile, attempt 2 to kill Cassandra happens when Ari rats her out to MI6 and her team tries to exterminate her. Once again Nikita and Michael save her bacon and they all escape.

Nikita also stops a plot to kidnap Max to get to Cassandra and reunites Cassandra and Max. Cassandra wants Michael to go away with her and Max, but Michael refuses, saying he won't leave Nikita. That Nikita is that essential person in his life just as Max is that person for Cassandra.

To make sure Cassandra and Max escape safely from Ari, Nikita flies in the plane Cassandra has rented and has it blow up in the sky. Michael is relieved when Nikita returns unharmed and says goodbye to Max. When Cassandra says she'll be in touch, Michael says it's best if she doesn't contract him, to keep Max safe.

Nikita tells Michael she saw it was the worse thing for a parent to give up their child, but says what Michael did was the right thing to do for Max.

Now that Max and Cassandra are hopefully out of the picture for good, or at least for this season, I intend to erase them from my memory banks. I wish they'd never done this plot twist or at the very least said that Cassandra lied about Max being Michael's. I'm sorry, but why the heck didn't Michael use a condom when he was sleeping with someone on the clock.


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