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Nikita -- Here A Clone, There A Clone

Updated on December 13, 2013

Or the episode I wanted to smack Nikita

When the show started who thought second banana Amanda would become the big bad of the show. I sure didn't. The problem is I really don't buy her as this super duper villainess, either. In short, the show made a big mistake killing off Percy. I understand why they did it. They thought they'd be cancelled and wanted to wrap the series up in a neat package. Unfortunately, when they didn't get cancelled and Amanda got promoted to the big bad ugly it just has never worked for me. She still seems too light-weight to be taken seriously as a super bad, unfortunately, in this episode she wins once again, because Nikita has a bout of super wishy-washiness that lets Amanda manipulate her and allows her to win the day. Quite simply, during the big Amanda/Nikita showdown I simply wanted to smack the crap out of Nikita and tell her to snap out of it. All I can say is thank god Michael wasn't whipped by Amanda and her Pulp Fiction hair style.

The first time I wanted to smack Nikita was her going all fan girl over Owen. Alex had to rely on Owen's help to get her out of the mess she was in at the location of the human trafficking site. When Nikita found out, she was all, "Oh, I know Owen is in there somewhere and you can trust him." And what was Owen seen doing? Why revealing he's only trying to help Alex to get her money cause he's in trouble with some loan shark. Seriously, when Nikita acts like that it really makes it hard to believe she's been on the run for months and managed not to get caught.

When a bunch of men came storming into Alex's hotel room, I thought good old Owen was behind it. Owen managed to escape with Sonya, after all. But it turns out it was Queen Amanda who was behind it. Seems she's decided to frame Alex for funding Nikita's terrorist activities.

Ryan tells the gang a weird theory about how he believes several high government figures have been replaced with clones who have been brain washed by The Shop. That they've all been acting strangely. And he thinks Graham is the latest replacement.

Nikita recalls how The President just put a gun to her head and killed herself. So she's on Team Clone. They just need to prove it. After the Graham clone kills the real Graham's wife and then gives himself a flesh wound, he claims it was Nikita that tried to kill him. So Nikita decides they should really kill Graham and once they autopsy him they can prove he's a clone and not the real Graham.

Unfortunately, Super Amanda cottons on to the plan and manages to contact Nikita just as she's got a gun poised at Graham's head. She totes out the real Graham and warns Nikita that if she kills the clone, she'll kill the real Graham. And Nikita can't go through with it.

This is the moment when I truly wanted to smack her into next week. The team figured out that Amanda and her cohorts, The Shop, are trying to make a war erupt, and the only way they have to stop it from happening is to kill the Graham clone and expose the shop's plan. But Nikita just can't kill one person to stop possibly millions from being killed and war breaking out. Seriously?

The real Graham, upon learning Amanda and her clone killed his wife, even tells Nikita to kill the clone and to not let this beyotch win. And still she wimps out and can't pull the trigger. So Michael takes the gun from her and has to do it himself. Is this really supposed to be how the strong Nikita in action. That she can't see that the death of one innocent might stop the death of a million innocents and to take the shot. In short, she wimped out and was willing to let millions die, war break out all so wouldn't be to blame for one person's death. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in Nikita. She just came off as this weak woman who couldn't put all emotions aside and do what needed to be done.

Of course, the bigger question is did Nikita have to be made to look weak and let Michael do the dirty work and totally cave to Amanda all to make the weak villainess Amanda look strong?

Over at The Shop, Amanda's boss isn't too thrilled with her costing them another asset over her sick obsession with destroying Nikita. In short, he's starting to realize what a liability this chick really is. Everyone stupid enough to team up with this chick ends up dead or being betrayed by her. She's quite frankly a very bad bad guy.

She, in turns, brays about another asset they have. Cue Birkhoff on the computer looking at a man's photo on the computer. Is it possible that Amanda is hinting that Birkhoff is working for her? Could Birkhoff be another person that's been replaced by a clone?

On the romantic front Nikita just isn't getting the stay away signals Michael is giving her. When she insists on talking to him about their relationship he lays it out for her. He's done. He's still fighting for the team, but as for them, he's done. And who can really blame him? She left him high and dry with only the engagement ring he gave her as a goodbye note. She knows the way Michael is. Did she really think Michael was going to welcome her with open arms and pick up things where they left off?

So, yeah, this was not a very good episode for Nikita. Her dewy-eyed dumbness about Owen/Sam. Her letting Amanda make her cave on doing what had to be done. And her thinking she can just pick things up where they left off with Michael. Seriously, who was this woman this episode? It sure didn't seem like it was Nikita.


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