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Nikita -- Homecoming

Updated on May 19, 2012

Percy's last stand...

Picking up from where we left off last week, Michael relucantly set off an explosion in Division's underground and he and Nikita got separated and lost contact with each other.

Meanwhile the President did what he was ordered and put the kibosh on the peace treaty, but he wasn't going to continue to be Percy's mindless puppet. He sics the marines on Division headquarters to take down Percy. Meanwhile Mr. No Name tells Percy he's passed the initiation test and he's now a member of their group. Percy just has to find a way to escape Division to join them.

Don't worry, he's already on it. He contacts the President and when the Prez tells Percy he's toast and his killer Star Wars satelite has been shut down, Percy basically laughs in his face. He tells him it never worked and he conned him into thinking it did. He uses the plutonium in his possession to cause the core melt down and he'll do it again, but this time to a populated city. The city he plans to do to is Washington. Seems there's a reactor under Washington and Percy has sent Roan to, "Make it so, Number One." Percy plans to leave Division, but he doesn't want the Marines to gun him down. He tells the Prez if he dies the kill chip in his heart will signal Roan to plant the device and God only knows how many innocent people in Washington will die as a result.

Birkhoff contacts Sonya and asks her to show him the cars checked out so he can track down Roan. He does and gives Alex and Sean Roan's whereabouts so they can try and stop him.

Michael and Nikita make their way up out of the basement Division, separately. They both knock out Division foot soldiers and take their walkie-talkies so they can communicate, not caring that Percy can hear them. Percy sends a team to find and kill Michael and Nikita. Sonya and company want to know why the Marines would be launching an assault on Division. Aren't they both on the same side? Aren't they working with each other? Percy lies that they're there to get Michael and Nikita.

Some time later, Michael bursts into Division's control room and pulls the pin out of a hand grenade to keep everyone at bay. Nikita comes in after him wanting to know where Percy is. They tell everyone gathered there the Marines are there for Percy. That they'll kill everyone there just to get to him. That he's been lying to them about what Division is really about. Sonya tells Nikita that Percy is in his office.

Nikita takes the wrong route and ends up in Amanda's old office and gets freaked out when she thinks she sees Amanda there. Nikita is having a lot of those moments haunted by remembering the past. Like remembering the first time she met Michael there and i'st not exactly being love at first sight.

Nikita finally makes it to Percy's office and pins him to the desk. She demands he tell Division the truth. Bad idea. This is why I love Percy as a villain and I think he's the best villain on TV. He can take something like this and turn it to his own advantage.

Percy starts out innocently enough telling the troops that Division started out with good intentions to help young people who'd taken a wrong turn become a productive member of society. Then he lost sight of that goal and he lied to them and mislead them. And he doesn't regret one thing he did. That they're all trash and come and kill him if they can.

Afterwards, Percy turns to Nikita and tells her unless she wants to be to blame for a bunch of people biting it, she has to save his life. And that's why Percy is the best villain ever. Not only did he turn the tables on Nikita, he put her in a position where she had to protect him.

They make it to the surface and Percy declares no one will ever be able to touch him, again. Apparently, this group he's now a member of must be that powerful. Then before he goes he can't resist the urge to take Nikita down, which proves to be the death of him. He attacks her, trying to shove her down the silo, declaring he made her and he can destroy her. Nikita turns the tables on him and it's Percy whose hanging by his fingertips about to fall down in the silo.

Percy reminds Nikita about Roan and the plutonium but she tells Birkhoff to lock on the signal that will be giving off in a few moments and lets Percy fall down the silo to his death. And I'm like, "Nooooooooooooo! They can't kill Percy!" Even as they showed him laying there I was looking for his blue eyes to flicker or maybe for his fingers to flex showing he wasn't really dead. But, no, he's dead. Maybe it wasn't really Percy. Maybe it was a clone or something. He had time to rig something like that. Yeah, I know I'm grasping at straws.

And if that wasn't bad enough, then those two boring lame twits, Alex and Sean took down Roan, My Terminator, although he got them good before they gang-banged him. So two of the best villains on the show are gone, while two of the lamest twits on the show live to irritate and annoy. Yeah, I was hoping Alex and Sean would be the two characters to bite the dust. I knew going in that whacking them both was high unlikely. But they could have whacked Alex, whose story has been completed since she got her vengeance and then Mama's Boy Sean could have slithered off into the mist never to be seen, again.

The President wants to have the marines rush Divison and kill everyone down there, but Nikita says she can convince them to give themselves up with no bloodshed. She goes back down into Division where Michael still is and she tells them she lied to the President. Nikita has flashbacks of Carla telling her Division could be a place of good and Nikita telling Michael the only way she'll trust Division is if they were in charge of it.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem bound to happen, as Ryan comes down saying he's been put in charge of Division. Nothing against Ryan, but he doesn't seem to be made of the right stuff to be in charge of Division. If anyone should be in charge it should be Michael and Nikita. Ryan says there's still a lot of Division agents in the field and they have a mess to clean up.

Once back on top, Michael tells Nikita they can be out of this and go on their way. Nikita wants to know where. home is. She tells Michael that Division is where she found love, as . The sad truth is Division is her home. So they'll being going back to Division. Here's hoping Nikita and Michael will be the real bosses in charge on Division, and I think that could be where it's heading with Nikita's little talk before Ryan came in claiming the title of new leader of Division. They may let Ryan think he's the one whose calling the shots, but Nikita will be the real one in charge.

In some undisclosed loaction Amanda has gotten someone to successfully decode the black box. After he's finished, she kills him. So in a strange symetry Amanda now has a decoded black box in her possession, but I doubt she's going to be trying to undo the wrongs in it. More likely she'll be using it to regain her power base. Still, she's no Percy or Roan. I still can't believe they killed off two of the best villains on the show. Oh, well.


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    • profile image

      Percy 6 years ago

      You are right! I will miss Percy and Roan too!


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