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Nikita -- Is This The End Of Mikita?

Updated on November 12, 2011

Alex plays right into Percy's hands

If you love someone set them free, and if they come back to you, their yours. Something Nikita ultimately puts to the test by the end of this episode.

I have to say this was my least favorite episode of the season, thus far. Without Percy, it would have been a real dud.

Sean became a bit likable in the last few episodes, has gone back to being the unlikable jerk he was as the beginning of the season. He's out to protect Mommy Madeline and to get out of Division. Before he can do that, he needs to take down Nikita, who now knows about Mommy Madeline. He intends to use Alex to do it, because of the Nikita/Alex bond.

I have to say Alex has always been my least favorite part of the show. I wouldn't mind if they eliminated her after she takes down Semak. I think they hit gold with the Michael/Nikita/Birkhoff partnership. And make they could take Sean with her. Even when he was more likeable, don't really think the Alex/Sean thing works on a romantic level.

Another man wanting to use Alex is Percy. He brokers a deal with Alex. If she transfers money out of a secret account for him, she can have 100,000 so she can launch her attack against Semak. To sweeten her need for revenge, Percy reveals that after Semak had her home burned to the ground, he rebuilt it and is now living in it. What Alex doesn't realize is when she does what Percy requested, she actually was sending a message to one of Percy's remaining Guardians.

The main story is Michael going to London to visit Max and Cassandra. Nikita stays at home, until she realizes Michael needs her help. General Tupelov wants the money he believes she stole when she departed the country. To that end he kidnaps her, planning to make it look like Cassandra died in a car accident.

When Michael sees them about to push Cassandra's car over a cliff he tells Nikita to go save her, but she opts to save Michael and he gets all up in her face. Then Cassandra pops up and kills someone and reveals she's MI6. Is Michael made at her for her lies? No, just as he didn't give her any of the grief he gave Nikita for lying to him, when it wasn't her truth to tell.

There's more trouble when Cassandra's handler Nigel captures Michael and Nikita has to rescue Michael from his goons. Then they realize Cassandra is in danger from Nigel and have to rush off to save her.

I was actually hoping Nigel would turn out to be Max's father. No such luck. Nikita tells Michael he needs to walk away from Max for good and until he comes to that truth, she's going to let him stay with his new faux family while she returns home.

It was a hard decision to make, but I think Nikita made the right choice. If he keeps dropping in to visit Max, Division is going to be able to track them down. And if he's only got half his mind on what their doing, he really isn't going to be any good to Nikita. She's better off going on without him.

The ironic thing is that it was Michael's idea to right the wrongs of the black box, while Nikita wanted to destroy it. Now while Michael's off playing Daddy, Nikita and Birkhoff are going to have to finish what he started.

Yeah, I'm not too fond of Michael at the moment. He needs to realize his presence in Max's life is actually putting a target on that kids life. This is probably going to be the biggest test to Michael and Nikita's relationship.


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