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Nikita -- Left Behind

Updated on October 16, 2011

Alex apparently received no sanctions from Amanda for disobeying orders to not kill Kochenko. It turns out Amanda is hoping that once Alex kills Semak and takes over her father's empire, Alex will remember the person that helped her do it...Amanda. Something Percy guesses as he and Amanda have a tete-a-tete where his next supposedly innocuous request is to be able to wear his own clothes opposed to the white jumpsuit he's stuck in.

Alex has something else to worry about, however. Semak is trying to track down the person who killed Kochenko and he even has a sketch of her. It isn't long before he learns that Alex didn't die as a child and wants her shot on sight.

It turns out that on the mission Nikita decided to escape Division from her partner Kelly got left behind and has spent the last few years stuck in Turkish prison. Michael thought she was killed, and didn't tell Nikita so she wouldn't feel guilty about it. However, when news of Kelly's escape from prison makes the airwaves, Nikita is determined to go rescue her.

As it turns out, Kelly's escape from the prison and subsequent media coverage was all a set up to lure Nikita to Turkey to try and save Kelly. Kelly is working for Semak and has been assigned to find the black box Nikita has. However, when Kelly tells him that Alex and The Cleaner are chasing after her and Nikita, he changes her mission to Get Alex.

Ultimately, Nikita has a choice to save Alex or the treacherous Kelly and ultimately makes the lies about Kelly's death a reality when she shoots and kills her. Nikita tries to get Alex to come away with her and Michael, but Alex feels Division will be better able to keep her safe from Semak. Alex, however, allows Michael and Nikita to escape Division's latest attempt to capture them.

I have to say this show is very good at creating villains. Semak became a lot more interesting in this episode. Not Percy interesting, but interesting. It actually is making me give a flying fig about Alex's revenge plot to take down her father's killer.


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