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Nikita -- Letting Go

Updated on February 6, 2013

Original Airing: February 1, 2013

I forget which Dirty Thirty said it to Nikita, but if the goal is to bring these rogue agents in alive, New Division is a dismal failure. I think they only managed to bring one of them back alive. All the rest are taking a permanent dirt nap. The mission was supposed to be bringing these people in alive, but more often than not it’s assassinating them once you track them down. Not much difference from Percy’s Division.

Okay, I was wrong. In the previous week’s episode recap I said I thought Sean was gone. God loves to make me eat my words. Sean was back and he’s rejoined Division. After Michael advised Sean he needs to let it go [in regards to the beef he has with Alex], Sean and Alex got back together with some make-up sex in Division Headquarters and it’s back on like Donkey Kong.

Michael also told Sean he knows when to move on. He tells Nikita he’s not returning to the field and that Owen will be her new partner, permanently. Only problem is Owen is no Michael. He may have been an A number one cleaner, but he sucks at undercover. His social skills are completely lacking. Michael even tells Owen he and Nikita make a great team. Me, I’d have a completely different opinion about it.

Nikita is worried that Michael isn’t just letting go of being an agent, but that he’s letting go of her, as well. I think that’s exactly what he’s doing. He figures he’ll step aside and Owen will replace him in all aspects of Nikita’s life.

The Dirty Thirty member the team was tracking this week was Ray, who shot his ex-wife’s cop boyfriend, Jason and kidnapped her. Unlike Michael, Ray can’t let go of his past and the woman he loves. He takes her out into some fortress he’s built out in the middle of the woods. He takes out most of the Division team sent after him, minus Nikita. Nikita shoots him dead and convinces Kate not to reveal that Ray [who was supposed to be dead] was very much alive and her kidnapper and she goes along with it.

Back at Division, Nikita tries to get Michael to fight one-handed with her. It almost works as they share a blast from the past, but she Michael cuts and runs. Earlier, Nikita had gone to Birkhoff asking if there was any kind of better hand Michael could have and he told her the same thing he told Michael. However, Birkhoff started looking someone up on the computer. Later, after Michael rejected Nikita, again, Birkhoff went to her and told her he lied. There was someone that could give Michael his hand back, but they could be letting themselves in for something worse.

Okay, did Birkhoff mean Michael’s actual hand? Is it possible this is leading to resurrecting Percy? Yeah, I know that would be jumping the shark, but Amanda is a flop as a villainous, so I’d be willing to go along with it to have Percy back. Amanda big goal is to make Nikita miserable and cause trouble between Michael and Nikita, but Amanda had nothing to do with Michael losing his hand and causing trouble between them. It was no master plan of hers; it was just a happenstance when her minion Anne disobeyed Amanda’s orders and tried to kill Nikita. It would have been better is Amanda had cut off Michael’s hand as part of some plan to cause trouble between Michael and Nikita. As it is, Amanda’s just a little girl playing villain.

On characters that maybe should go, seeing Michael in charge of the mission at Division, there really didn’t seem to be any reason for Ryan. He didn’t even appear in the episode. And if Michael is able to return as Nikita’s partner, there isn’t any real need for Owen. Same goes for Sonya. There really don’t need two computer experts. When Michael, Nikita and Birkhoff were on their own, yes; but now that they’re back at Division, no. These characters are liked by some of the fans and so they’ve been made regulars in hopes it’ll raise rating, but the show doesn’t really need them.


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