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Nikita -- Markov

Updated on December 1, 2012

The latest member of The Dirty Thirty that New Division is targeting is a man named Edward who now goes by the name of Markov. He easily dispatches the team sent to capture him. Then he goes out on his balcony to greet a crowd gathered there. He's not just any man; he's just become the president of a country.

Ryan comes up with a plan to snatch and grab Markov because they can't have a Dirty Thirty in such a high position of power. Birkhoff will construct a latex mask so Michael will look like him, so Michael can assume his identity and fake his death by natural causes so no one will be none-the-wiser. Everything goes okay with the snatch and grab, but once they've got Markov he plays his trump card. He made a video that will be released all over the Internet revealing Division to the world. Unless they release him, they and everyone in Division will be dead.

It's at this point that Ryan finally has to tell them that Madame President has a kill order waiting to be enacted on Division if the public ever learns about it. Nikita feels betrayed Ryan kept this from her and no longer trusts him. Nikita thinks they should tell everyone in Division the truth so they can have a chance to run for their lives. Michael suggest they make a preemptive strike and tell the world about them. That won't work for either Birkhoff or Nikita. Birkhoff says he's not going back to prison and Nikita fells the same way, as she would be put back on death row.

To keep the truth about Division from being made public they have to let Markov go. It isn't until Birkhoff hacks into more of his files that he discovers more video that reveals Markov as a Division loyalist and he only worked to rise to the position of power he's in so he could get close enough to Madame President to blow her away. I'm terrible, but I was all for them letting Markov execute the cold politician who would think nothing of giving an order to mass murder everyone at Division, but Nikita is a better person than me.

Nikita says that they need to prove that New Division is different, so they're going to save Madame President's worthless hide without her being aware of it. As Markov makes his move to assassinate the woman. Nikita manages to knock him out and Michael takes his place faking some kind of post traumatic stress episode. The cold witch never realizes her life was in danger and that Division saved her ungrateful hide.

Meanwhile, Alex is assigned to find Amanda's mole in Division. A breech in security is discovered in the server in the medical lab and Alex finds that Owen was responsible for it. She questions him, suspecting he's Amanda's mole. Then they realize there's a bomb in the medical lab and they manage to escape before it blows. At first, Alex suspects she was the target and then realizes Owen was. He explains to her that Percy never brought him into Division because of all the people he exterminated and someone might try to kill him.

They discover a workman named Carl left his blow torch lit to blow up Owen in the lab because Owen killed his girlfriend Julia. They take him into custody. He's not the mole, he's just a man wanting revenge against Owen. Alex was curious if Owen remembered all the people he killed, since he recalled killing Julia in minute detail. He revealed for each person he killed there's a tattoo on his body. When she asks about the butterfly tattoo he won't tell her about it. As Alex leaves the room he notices she has a butterfly tattoo on her back.

Nikita agrees for the moment only she, Michael and Birkhoff should know about the kill order. They decide they have to be more careful in future how they apprehend the remaining members of the Dirty Thirty. However, I'm not sure if Nikita trusts Ryan, anymore. He broke her trust.

It's kind of creepy knowing there's a tunnel from Division to The White House. At anytime Madame President could send people through that tunnel to annihilate Division. Maybe someone should be stationed in that tunnel to give Division a heads up in case Madame President decides to send a squad in to slaughter them all.


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