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Nikita -- Mommy Dearest

Updated on January 8, 2012

As we last left off, Alex snuck into her old home and found her mother, Katya, alive and well. At first it appears she's a victim of Semak, being kept drugged up. However, when she rats out Alex to Semak so she'll be caught, thinking he will help her confused daughter, the truth comes out. Katya was lovers with Semak before he killed her husband. She cut a deal for both her and Alex to be spared. Luckily Nikita is also there to try and get her hands on the black box and she saves Alex and the two reunite.

Off on their Guardian Mission, Owen has a little talk with Michael that Michael doesn't like. He gives him some hard truths. Both his girlfriend and the man Nikita loved died because they were innocents they had no business being involved with. The same thing could easily happen to Max. Owen also warns Michael he needs to make a choice before the choice is made for him. Michael accuses Owen of having an interest in Nikita. Hopefully, Owen's words haven't fallen on deaf ears.

Michael manages to impersonate one of the guardians as the guardian meeting, but he's quickly discovered to be an imposter when the Guardian's have to show each other their picture ID's. But not before Michael manages to blow up the black boxes. Michael and Owen have come to the conclusion the Guardian's have come together to break Percy out of his glass jail cell.

Amanda wants Ryan to tell her how to take down Oversight. When he says he needs to know all about Oversight, she pops him into a cell with Percy. Amanda promises to give Percy back all the things she took from him if he cooperates.

Is it wrong that I want the Guardian's to succeed in breaking Percy out. I'm all for Girl Power and all that, but Amanda is no Percy. I'd love to see what Percy would do once he's out of his cage.

I also guess they needed a way so Alex couldn't kill Semak to keep her on the show, otherwise they would be no reason for her to remain on the show.

Also, two episodes with no Birkhoff is two episodes too many. I miss him. Bring him back!


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