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Nikita -- Nikita's Nikita

Updated on February 12, 2012

What Nikita did for Alex when she took her in and helped her kick the drug habit, is what happened to Nikita when she was on drugs and she was taken in by a lady named Carla. It seems the Nikita/Alex and Nikita/Carla connection goes far deeper than even Nikita is aware of.

It seems Michael and Nikita are truly back together. They have a fun moment fighting each other like they once did in Division. Alex arrives to inform them that Amanda is large and in charge of Division.

Meanwhile, my man Percy, is out and about and causing murder and mayhem. He has Roan whack a cop with a past connection with Nikita. He was the partner of the cop that Nikita killed and got sent to death row for. Division then faked her execution and brought her into the program.

Getting Nikita's name in the news isn't enough for Percy, he decides to reach out and touch her via Ma Bell. He tells her she took something from him and he's going to take something from her. When Nikita smugly tells Percy all her loved ones are safe from him, he hits her with the zinger, "What about Carla?" Little does Nikita realize that Percy is just plucking her strings, as usual, and getting her to dance to his tune. God, I love that man!

Anyway, Nikita uses Madeline to send a message out to Carla, who went on the run after Nikita killed the cop. It works and Carla contacts Nikita and arranges a meeting. Little does Nikita know that Roan was listening to the whole thing and he and Percy follow Nikita and Michael to the arrange meeting.

Nikita's word is rocked when she sees Carla looking like a street person living in her car. Carla is shocked by how Nikita has gotten herself together. Nikita gets a further shock when she learns that Carla knows Percy. In fact, when Percy corners them, Carla gives herself up to Percy. That's at the point when Michael and Nikita realize that Percy played them and he wanted them to lead him to Carla. That he never had any plans to kill her.

Alex serves Nikita a further shock when she reveals Amanda has a kill order on Carla that is at a higher priority than the kill order they have out on Percy. Meanwhile, Percy is trying to find out why Amanda hates Carla so much. Carla has no clue. Before Percy can get any further info from Carla both Amanda's hit squad and Nikita and Michael converge on Percy's hide-out.

Percy escapes and Michael and Nikita get away with Carla. Back at their safe house, Nikita wants answers. Like did Carla set Nikita up to be inducted into Division. Carla had no idea Nikita was a part of Division and thought she was dead. When Carla was with them, it wasn't called Division. Then come the biggest shock of all. Carla is the one who created the Division program.

Amanda has other irons in the fire than killing Carla; she wants Alex to go public that she's alive. Amanda is even offering to rescue her mother. Nikita tells Alex to go for it. Little does Amanda or Nikita know that a part of Amanda's plan calls for Alex to be killed.

You've got to feel for Nikita. This woman she thought was the one good thing in her life, was actually not what she thought she was. And it was through this woman Division got its hands on her. Nikita didn't welcome Carla's declaration that if it wasn't for Division she wouldn't have gotten her life together. That, in short, Division had been a good thing for her.

As for Percy, he's escaped once more. He's still trying to find a way to take Queen Bee Amanda down. Can I say I hope he finds it. Amanda needs to go.


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