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Nikita -- Operation Looking Glass

Updated on October 22, 2011

A serious threat to Michael and Nikita appears on the scene

It seems like each week we got to have Michael and Nikita dealing with some ghost from their past. This week it's Michael's turn and this one is a doozy. It's the first real threat to Michael and Nikita.

Six years ago, while Michael was a Division operative, he became lovers with President Ovechkin's wife. He convinced her to help put a double in his place. Six years later, Ovechkin's double is out of control and needs to be taken out. Michael is determined to go and rescue Cassandra, who stayed behind to make the switch work.

Nikita sniffs something in the wind and wants Birkhoff to tell her everything he knows about Cassandra. Nikita is upset that Michael got involved with Cassandra, but he wouldn't get involved with her. Michael swears Cassandra is no threat and he was just playing a part; it wasn't the real him.

Turns out Ovechkin's double is an MCP and now that Percy is out of power he refuses to deal with Amanda, a woman. Amanda wants Alex to go deal with him, but Alex refuses to go, so she sends another agent, Lisa, in her place. Lisa is captured and Sean is appalled that Amanda intends to leave her to fend for herself. He decides to go rescue Lisa and a guilty Alex goes along with him. When they find Lisa and are about to rescue her, Amanda makes a call to Ovechkin to make sure he kills Lisa. It seems she's using the situation to get her hooks further into Alex.

Sean is incensed by what happened to Lisa and insists to Alex that they're going to kill Ovechkin. He plans to put a car bomb in his car.

Michael and Nikita arrive in Belarus to help Cassandra escape and get served a curb when they discover Cassandra has a young child, Max. Michael asks if he's Max's father and Cassandra swears he's Faux Ovechkin's child. The first attempt help Cassandra escape fails when Max refuses to leave with Nikita. Max tells his nanny about his encounter with Nikita. Turns out his nanny is no Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee. She gets her automatic and prepares a nice little welcome for Nikita the next time she tries to escape with Max.

Michael manages to get Cassandra out of the house, but when he realized Nikita is in danger, he returns to the house to help her.Silly boy, this is Nikita we're talking about. Before leaving, he tells Cassandra to go wait in Ovechkin's car, which Sean just put a briefcase in the backseat containing a bomb.

Michael feels a feeling of deja vu when the bomb explodes and he thinks Cassandra and Max have died just like his wife and child did years ago. Their fine, and Nikita tells Michael Cassandra and Max aren't his family; she is.

Since plan A bombed, Sean decides to go the direct route and kills Ovechkin and makes it look like a murder-suicide. Cassandra steps up and takes control when news of Ovechkin's death becomes known. Apparently, she won't be leaving this time, either.

Nikita has a private chat with Cassandra and reveals she knows that Max is really Michael's child. Cassandra tells Nikita if the truth about Max comes out it'll ruin all their lives. She leaves it up to Nikita whether to tell Michael or not. And this is the real threat to Michael and Nikita.

If Nikita tells Michael that Max is his son, he won't be able to stay away, and since he's being hunted by Division, he'll be caught. If Amanda or Percy find out, they'll using Max to trap Michael and possibly Nikita, as well. On the other hand, if Nikita keeps this from Michael and he finds out she knew and didn't tell him, will he ever be able to forgive her? What a mess!

In other Division news, because Percy cooperated with her, Amanda gave Percy one of his old suits to wear. Never has anyone looked so menacing wearing a suit. And did everyone else feel a chill up their spine when Percy declared that this was a start.


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