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Nikita -- Operation: Set The Bird Man Free

Updated on January 16, 2012

Things Turn Nasty Between Percy and Amanda

Rolling off last week's escape for Russia, Nikita brings Alex home with her to Birkhoff's place. Birkhoff tells Nikita he caught Alex trying to get in his pain pills. Birkhoff hand is still bandaged and he's still recovering from the affect of Amanda's torturing. While Nikita is happy to have Alex back, she's not going to play enabler if Alex wants to reside, once again, in Pillville. Nikita has a talk with her about a woman that was very important to Nikita in the past who let her down like Alex's mother did. They also compare notes on past missions where they were at cross-purposes. Alex also realizes she sent a message to The Guardians for Percy when she sent through that money transfer.

While Nikita is taking a moment to reboot, she's the main topic of an Oversight meeting. They decide they need to rid themselves of Division and want to instigate Operation: Clean Sweep. Madeline is against this and suggests if Sean takes over that won't be necessary. Sean says it isn't necessary. He has a means of finding Nikita and killing her. That means is a tracking device he has planted in the watch Alex is wearing. It belonged to her father. Okay, let's all say this together. "How low!"

The Guardians are making their way to their mission to free Percy. Now, there's only a few of them, so they don't seem a threat. But think Arnie in The Terminator to think how much damage one person can do. And these Guardians are on the regimen which gives them an added edge. What might even say a Terminator-like edge.

While Percy is cooling his heels waiting to be sprung, he and Amanda get into a rather nasty personal discussion about their past. Let's just say Percy says things he ought not have said. Things like Amanda was never his equal partner; she was just his secretary with benefits. Yeah, it appears Percy and Amanda did the bumping uglies. He also declares she's not capable of love. Amanda takes this personally, as one would, and decides to show Percy the hell hath no fury like an Amanda scorned.

She trots herself up to her office in her high heel pumps and calls Oversight. Little does she know they're planning her demise along with everyone else at Division. She says she knows how to get around that little device Percy has in his heart that will release the contents of the black boxes if his heart stops beating. She has a nasty little drug that will put Percy in a coma and basically leave him brain dead, but his heart will keep beating. That will show Percy, won't it? She was holding back doing that to him because her love for him, and now he's scorned her love, she'll turn him into a vegetable being kept alive on life support systems. Oversight tells her to go for it.

Not everyone at Division is Team Amanda; let's be honest I'm not sure anyone is Team Amanda, but one in particular, The Cleaner, is doing something about it. He has a nice little phone conversation with a Guardian and it looks like he plants bombs on some door. Of course, if that bomb is at Division and there's some Doomsday device planted there, then maybe The Cleaner isn't Team Guardian but Team Oversight. Whatever the case, he's not Team Amanda.

Alex decides to leave the safehouse and it's a good thing she does. She spots her good buddy Sean about to whack her good buddy Nikita. He has a high-powered rifle pointed at Nikita while she's talking with Michael. Not sure if anything has been resolved on the Nikita/Michael front. He's back for the moment. He tells her when he was with Max in London he constantly felt himself being watched. Maybe some of the pearls of wisdom Owen shot his way hit their target and he's starting to get that he's a danger to Max. That remains to be seen.

Alex jumps Sean, but she's no match for an ex-Navy Seal in the fighting department. Luckily Michael arrives when the window shatters from the shot Sean took at him and Nikita, and they strip Madeline's little boy down to his skivvy's and tie him to a chair. Nikita wants Sean to jump on Team Nikita.

Maybe everyone knew this, but I sadly thought Division was some office building. Duh! It's an underground complex that's about to become a tomb for everyone inside it. Oversight has overruled Madeline and they prepare to release Operation: Clean Sweep in Division.

In another duh moment for me, I thought The Guardian's were preparing to attack Division headquarters. Not so. They attack Oversight just as Sean is making a phone call to mommy. He told Nikita and company what Oversight is planning and agreed to make a fake phone call to Mommy that if Operation: Clean Sweep is released on Division, Nikita will release the contents of a black box.

Meanwhile, Amanda has come to Percy to personally lobotomize him with her nasty little syringe. She has the needle right to his throat when she gets a phone call. Talk about saved by the bell. It's one of The Guardians who inform Amanda of the Doomsday Device planted within Division and promise to released it killing everyone, including Amanda, if she doesn't set their boy, Percy, free. Something Nikita and the gang hear over Madeline's cell phone.

As the credits roll, I'm like, I can't wait to see what happens next. Only to be told that Nikita will be back in February. You've gotta be kidding me! Another Nikita hiatus! Only expletive will do.


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