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Nikita -- Operation: Stop World War III

Updated on December 15, 2013

And Alex sets a trap for Owen

This episode begins with a Pakistani soldier in the marketplace buying something to eat from one of his vendors when he gets knocked out and replaced by his clone. The soldier is stationed where the Pakistanis keep their missiles and he gets away with stealing one. The team figures out he plans to use it to fire on an American ship, causing World War III to break out between Pakistan and the United States.

They land the jet in an airstrip Owen told them about, but immediately find themselves being held at gunpoint. So they contact Alex to get the man in charge 10 million to get off their backs and out of their plane. Alex cashes in some diamonds, lamenting that she isn't getting in on any of the action. Owen's eyes light up at the sight of all the diamonds Alex has in her metal case and when she's out of the room he makes a snatch and grab and heads out the door with it.

As he's leaving he spots someone he recognizes. It's an assassin from The Shop that Amanda has sent to kill Alex. He returns to stop the man from killing Alex. Then he tortures some answers out of him. The assassin, however, gets the last laugh on Sam the man, as he reveals that Sam had been leaving with her metal case full of diamonds. Alex decides to put Owen to the acid test by putting a tracker in the metal case and switching the diamonds with glass and then sends Owen off to Paris with the case.

They soon discover an old adversary named Ramon is now working for The Shop. There's a close moment between Michael and Nikita when Nikita recalls that without Ramon's help Michael would have died. Last they saw Ramon he'd been paralyzed. Now he can walk. Obviously The Shop helped him to regain his mobility in return for him working with them. However, Nikita is sure Ramon wants a way out and he can still be saved.

Meanwhile Ramon is helping the Clone escape with a missile that they plan to fire on a US warship to cause a war to break out between Pakistan and the United States. Nikita goes after the Clone while Michael takes on Ramon. Turns out Ramon doesn't want out. He knows the deal he made and is more than happy to fulfill it. Then he gives Michael some food for thought when he says Michael knew there'd be a price for his new hand but he didn't want to pay it, so Nikita paid for it, instead. He also asks if Michael ever thanked her for what he did. Michael knows he's done anything but that. Unfortunately, Ramon refuses to take the way out Michael is offering and Michael has no choice but to kill him.

Meanwhile on board the truck transporting the missile, Nikita takes out the Clone and his associates. But it's not over with yet. Birkhoff says while they now control this missile, but The Shop controls all of Pakistan's missiles.

Birkhoff also realizes his father is still alive when Amanda puts him on the computer and he secretly lets them know where The Shop. Once they learn that The Shop headquarters in located in MDK a military supply headquarters headquarters in Mumbai it all comes together why they want to start a war with the US. They'll make a fortune supplying both sides with weapons. They also realize Phillip Jones is the real boss behind Amanda.

Earlier, Phillip had called offering Nikita a deal. He told Amanda everyone has a price. Nikita tells him only total surrender will stop her from coming after him. Amanda's all ready to tell Jones she told him so, when he said that now he knows Nikita's price, he'll see what he can do about giving her what she wants.

The teams storms MDK headquarters and finds all the prisoners they're holding there. Birkhoff is reunited with his father and Michael rescues the President. Much to her chagrin her rescuers isn't the CIA as she hoped, but Division, the place she wanted to commit genocide on. Meanwhile, Nikita tries to stop Amanda from launching missiles at the and this is the scene I once again wanted to smack Nikita.

Instead of just putting a bullet in this monster's head she wants to try and save her. Hey, you didn't offer that option to Percy and you had no problem letting him fall to his death when you could have saved him. Is it because Amanda/Helen is a woman. Seriously, she risked World War III breaking out if the missile hadn't been fired at MDK and Amanda had fired it first, while she's trying to save this vile monster, who just tried to have her beloved Alex murdered. What the heck is wrong with this woman? Did she learn nothing from when she tried to save Helen and Helen killed her? If she isn't going to just take this vile psychopath out when given the chance she should step aside and let the big boys do the job for her.

Nikita has to run for her life when the missile hits the building. Michael searches frantically for her and finds her in the rubble. This seems to get Michael over his mad with her. With the Clone thing exposed to the public Nikita is cleared of being a terrorist and hopeful this thing is finally over.

Only it's not. The Hellmanda that got blown to bits was a clone. Jones set the whole thing up. He apparently has the CIA in his hip pocket as they take him to a room where Amanda is waiting. Phillip says Nikita will buy this because it's what she wants most, while Amanda isn't so certain. Guess this is why your CIA didn't say you El Presidente. They were in on it.

There's only two more episodes to go to wrap this thing up. It'll be interesting to see how this all ends.


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