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Nikita -- He's Built Where It Counts

Updated on April 15, 2011

Owen returns and Amanda Suspects Alex!

Michael and Nikita are enjoying themselves having a little afternoon delight, when Owen drops in for a visit. Neither man likes the other and Nikita has to tell them, "Down boys!"

Owen says he's located a black box. That it's in London guarded by a guardian. Nikita agrees to head off to London with Owen and asks Michael to find out on his end about the guardian.

Alex sneaks into the agencies files on her and deletes the information on Nathan in an attempt to protect him.

In London, Nikita becomes worried about Owen. She sees this wall decorated with reminders of all his kills. She also sees him have a terrible pain in his head. He tells her about the drug regimen he's on, that all guardian's take. He's running out of his drugs and the pains he's having in his head are symptoms of withdrawal.

Nikita tells Michael about Owen being on the regimen. He tells her to get away from Owen, but she refuses to abandon him, even though Michael warns that withdrawal from the guardian drugs makes the person dangerous and erratic. Owen quizzes Nikita about her and Michael. Says he looks scrawny, and she replies in the line of the night, "He's built where it counts." That line just totally cracked me up.

Owen tells Nikita in graphic detail what a cleaner does after they kill someone. It's a TMI moment for Nikita. He says they can totally make a body disappear and they can make a murder look like an accident. Then he reveals he wants to release all the information in the black box when they find it. Nikita's against it because a lot of people could get hurt and just wants to destroy it.

When Owen throws something, Nikita notices a hidden camera. They escape before the building explodes, but not before The Guardian of the Black Box sends Percy a still shot of Nikita. Percy sends Michael to London to kill Owen and Nikita.

Meanwhile, when Jayden is brought in for botching a job, Amanda wants Alex to interrogate her. Amanda watching on closed circuit camera as Jayden mentions catching Alex climbing around in the vents. Afterwards, Amanda gives Alex another truth test that she fails. Alex then tells a slightly altered version of the truth about Tom being in love with her. This causes Amanda to set her sights on Michael, saying he should have known Tom was in love with Alex.

Back in London, Nikita is shocked to see Owen has also tattooed all the symbols of his kills on his body. Getting down to business, Nikita asks Owen to close his eyes and figure out why he picked a particular bank when he was a guardian. This helps Nikita figure out which bank the guardian has the black box stashed.

They arrive at the bank and when Owen spots the guardian he chases after him. The guardian almost kills Owen when he has severe pains in his head, again. Nikita saves his bacon, until Owen recovers and throws the guardian over the railing of a bridge. He falls into an ice-covered river.

The debate between Nikita and Owen continues again about what to do about the black box. Nikita wants to shoot it to destroy it, while Owen wants to open it. A car comes out of nowhere hitting Nikita, giving Owen the chance to escape with it. While Nikita is a bit dazed, she seems unhurt after being hit by the car. She's like the bionic woman or Judge Doon from Who Framed Roger Rabbit when he got rolled over by a steam roller. So, apparently, is the guardian that got tossed into the icy waters. His head bobs up in the water and he's fine, too.

Michael arrives in London and reunites with Nikita. She wants him to help her find Owen and get him the drugs he needs. He reluctantly agrees, but says if necessary, he will take Owen out.

While Owen is trying to open the black box, Michael explains that without the guardian's blood Owen can't open the box. Owen figures that out, too, so he gives his old boss, Percy, a call. Percy traces his location and sends the guardian after him, which is exactly what Owen wants. Michael is also sent Owen's coordinates and he and Nikita rush off to the church he's in to try and stop disaster from happening.

While he and Nikita are on their way to the church, he gets a call from Amanda, asking him about Tom. Nikita asks Michael to cover for Alex, so Michael says he knew, but didn't think it would be a problem. Alex is surprised Michael lied for her and asks Amanda if she's changed her mind about having her cancelled. She says she has, but she's lying. Something tells me cancelled doesn't mean fired. Alex, later tells Nikita about Michael lying to protect her and wonders what he's up to. Nikita tells her they need to have a talk about Michael.

At the church, Owen kills the guardian, this time, and gets some of his blood and prepares to open the black box and release the contents to the world. Michael and Nikita show up. Nikita stands between Michael and Owen so Michael can't shoot Owen, but Michael does manage to shoot the black box, destroying it.

Afterwards, Michael calls Percy to say that black box has been destroyed, and perhaps Percy should rethink his black box system. After the call ends, Percy throws his phone in anger.

Nikita nurses Owen back to health. Michael got the dead guardian's drug stash for Owen. Owen vows to get off the drugs. He also apologizes for killing Daniel and explains he needs to go off on his own to get his head together.


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