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Nikita -- Owen Returns...And So Does Amanda

Updated on November 11, 2012

What does Amanda wants from Owen?

This episode doesn't really answer that question, but we learn Amanda did a bad bad thing to Owen. She apparently used her little lobotomizer machine she was going to use on Birkhoff when she kidnapped and tortured him on Owen and erased his entire past before he joined Division.

Amanda sends in her cleaner named Anne [think of her as Roan-lite] to break Owen out of a Russian prison. Seems that's where Owen's been rotting since we last saw him. Owen tries to escape Anne, but she knocks him out. When Owen wakes up, he's in the back of a van. Owen wraps a wire around the witch's throat and the van goes off the road, allowing Owen to escape. Guardian -- 1 and Cleaner -- 0.

Alex is taken out Michael and Nikita to celebrate their engagement, but Sourpuss Sean is putting a damper on the occasion. He's blaming Nikita for Alex getting shot. Thankfully, Michael and Nikita get called back to Division and make a well-timed departure. Once they arrive back at Division they learn Owen has surfaced. Nikita says Owen is sending her a message and she knows where to find him. Ryan insists she take a team with her.

It may have been a good idea, since Owen doesn't take it well when Nikita reveals she's back with Division. Michael ends up tasering Owen. When he waked up, Nikita tries to explain that Division is different now that Percy is gone and Ryan's in charge. Owen counters with how many rogue agents she's been able to bring in alive and she can't name any, since all the rogue agents they've gone after have ended up getting killed.

Ryan insists that Alex question Owen since Nikita is too close to him. He says a cleaner named, Anne, broke him out of prison because of Operation: Skeleton Key. It's called that because it's a cryptograph that's works like a skeleton key that could open any door, but the cryptograph can get into any system.

Owen takes Michael and Nikita to a cemetery he stashed it and they're ambushed. Anne attacks Owen, again, and here I was hoping he killed her in the van when he choked her. She gets the cryptograph and gives it to Amanda. Nikita sees Amanda as she's driving off.

When Owen was rotting in the Russian prison he began to realize he had no memories of his life before he came to Division. He has a flash of Amanda doing something to him and thinks she wiped his memory. The machine Owen remembers being strapped in is the same machine she had Birkhoff hooked up to when she was threatening to lobotomize Birkhoff when she caught him and tortured him before Nikita rescued him.

Nikita and company manage to capture one of Amanda's men, who they think is a former Golgo agent. When the medical team is examining him and his lungs are filling with fluid, when they inject a hypo in his chest to relieve it a biohazardous chemical comes bubbling out of him. Several Division people die before it can be contained. Afterwards, Amanda uses the cyrptograph to communicate with Division, trying to make everyone doubt Nikita and to warn them she's coming to kill them all.

They're able to track Amanda through the cryptograph. When they raid the house, Owen and Amanda have a face-to-face meeting. She calls him Sam and says she fixed him by making him forget. Yuri realizes Amanda was never really after the cryptograph; she was after Owen. That's why she really had him broken out of prison. He wounds Owen and leaves him behind to distract Nikita so he and Amanda can escape. Of course, the question is what does Amanda want with Owen? Wild idea, but could Amanda and Owen been romantically involved in the past before she erased his memory? Amanda is about the personal. Everything is always personal to her, so if she wants Owen, it seems likely it's for a personal reason.

Alex has got her own problems. She popped a pill so she could go along with Nikita on the mission to raid Amanda's house. She got the cyrptograph back, but when she picked it up she screamed in pain from her still healing arm. This was after Sean declared his love for her and said that should be enough reason for her to walk away from Division. I think what he really meant was walk away from Nikita. Nikita didn't force Alex to go on a mission with her and she certainly didn't personally shoot Alex, so Sean blaming Nikita is ridiculous. It's not so much him wanting her to choose Division over him; it's that he wants her to choose Nikita over him. He doesn't seem to get what Nikita is to Alex and why she doesn't want to give that up. Not going to happen, dude. What is going to happen is Alex's escalating drug use, as she pops another pill after the mission is over.

Amanda declares she isn't through with Nikita. She says she isn't done teaching Nikita. Once she is, then she'll kill her. She looks at pictures of Nikita and Michael together. She's been having Nikita watched. One has to wonder if Amanda isn't going to do to Michael what she did to Owen: use her machine to wipe Michael's memory so he doesn't remember Nikita. What better way to hurt Nikita then to take her love away from her.

As for Nikita, she thinks Amanda may have a mole planted in Division. Amanda knew exactly when her little human time bomb got triggered and when they got it under control. Someone had to have told Amanda; someone in Division. Online speculation is Sonya could be the mole. Amanda was the one who brought Sonya into Division. So her loyalties may lie with Amanda.

This episode left us with a lot of questions: Who is Amanda's mole? Why did Amanda wipe Owen's mind clean of his past and what does Amanda want from him now? Who and what was Owen before Division got their hands on him and turned him into a Guardian. And why did Alex start popping pills again? Is it because her new notoriety she can't go undercover? Is it because Sean is trying to pressure her to leave Division and by extension Nikita? Or is it a culmination of everything?

I have to say Amanda really lacks the menace of Percy and her cleaner, Anne, lacks the menace of Roan. Percy was very cerebral while Amanda's like a pitbutt going for your throat without much finesse. While Roan always reminded me of Arnold in the first Terminator movie. No matter how many times you tried to kill this dude he kept getting up and coming after you, again.


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