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Nikita -- Ramone

Updated on October 11, 2011

The Man Who Got Nikita To Leave Division

The episode opens with a man on a motorcycle assassinating a minister in Quebec. Later, a man named Ramone claims credit for it. Michael watches it on TV. Nikita remembers Ramone. She was assigned to kill him, but brought him into Division alive. His words about freedom affected her so much, it helped to lead her into breaking away from Division.

Percy let Ramone go and now he's doing sanctioned killings for Division. Nikita is determined to track him down and stop him. With Percy a bird in a glass cage, Amanda is now Ramone's boss. But what Nikita doesn't realize until she and Michael track down Ramone is there's a lot more to the story than she knows.

For one thing, while Percy wanted to use Ramone as the face for all the Division sanctioned killings, he didn't want Ramone to actually do the killing, so he shot Ramone in the back and paralyzed him. Now the wheelchair bound Ramone released videos claiming to have done the kills Division agents have actually done. The latest agent to be assigned a killing that Ramone will take credit for is Alex.

Amanda assigns Alex to kill Anton Kochenko. Kochenko let the Division team in that killed her father. Kochenko was also liked to paw young Alex. Alex recalls the revulsion she felt when he would caress her face. Sean gives her a tip on how to assassinate Kochenko without getting caught.

In a bit of irony, the man who inspired Nikita to grab her freedom, blames Nikita for having his freedom and life taken away from him because she didn't kill him and turned him over to Percy. He would have much preferred if she had killed him so he could have gone out in glorious martyrdom.

Even wheelchair bound, Ramone is agile enough to make an escape and Nikita runs after him. While Nikita is chasing down and capturing Ramone, Michael gets trapped in the safe room in Ramone's house. Amanda contacts Nikita to tell her if she doesn't kill Ramone, Amanda will kill Michael. Amanda orders a drone to fly over Ramone's house and drop a bomb. Nikita refuses to kill Ramone and rushes back to the house to save Michael.

It seems Nikita returns the favor Ramone did her many years before, as he calls Michael in the safe room and tells him of a secret way to get out of the house, just as Amanda orders the bomb dropped on the house. Both Nikita and Birkhoff are devastated when they think Michael has been killed, and are both relieved and overjoyed when Michael comes walking out of the smoke of the explosion.

Since Ramone's latest vid claiming credit for the kill of Kochenko is released before he's been killed, Amanda orders Alex not to go through with killing him. But Alex isn't listening. With thoughts of Kochenko putting his grubby paws on him, she pulls the trigger and kills him.

Of course, the big question is what will happen to Alex because she disobeyed orders. That was the big cliffhanger for next week.


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