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Nikita -- Saalim

Updated on March 6, 2013

Original Airing: March 1, 2013

Mata Hari Barbie was back with a new lame plot to destroy Division. This time she teamed up with a terrorist named Saalim who wanted revenge for his daughter being accidentally shot by the US. You know, when Saalim was delivering his message to the press for why he was targeting innocent US citizens, I had to agree with him that he had a point. When terrorists come over and target the US the United States is appalled, but they think nothing when they go over and bomb other countries and kill innocent people. In short it’s intolerable when it happens to us, but fine when we’re doing it to someone else. We’re very lucky other terrorist groups having come to our country and done the things Saalim did in this episode.

It seems Ari and Mata Hari Barbie have had a falling out to the point she’s trying to have him killed. Because Naomi was a Gogol sleeper agent, Ari’s a wanted man by every government agency around. So he makes it easy for Nikita to pick him up, then he bargains for a big pay-off to tell her how to stop Amanda.

Nikita goes ballistic after the second terrorist act kills more innocent people and tries to beat Ari to death, but he’s not cracking. Michael actually has to pull her off Ari before she kills him. Ari takes great pleasure in taunting Michael about his hand and Nikita about how her relationship with Michael won’t last forever anymore than his and Amanda’s did.

Meanwhile, Sean is pressuring Alex to tell him what the butterfly tattoo on her back means and she doesn’t want to tell him. Owen gets to play third wheel between Alex and Sean this week, opposed to playing it with Nikita and Michael. Sean eavesdrops on Alex and Owen’s conversation where she tells Owen why she got the butterfly tattoo and what it means to her.

Nikita finally realizes that Ari wants the money for his son, Stefan, and he doesn’t plan to get out of Division alive. Nikita and Ari finally reach an agreement and he tells her Saalim’s name. Meanwhile, Alex realizes who Saalim’s comrade is and kills the woman before she can make a terrorist attack on an innocent family.

Amanda calls up Division to huff and puff and threaten to blow the house down, but they foil her latest plot against Division and erase all the info she intended to use to frame Division for Saalim’s assassination on public television. Curses! Foiled again!

To prove Ari wrong about them, Michael picks out a spot for he and Nikita to get married on and they also set a date. However, it could be an ominous omen that the spot they picked has a droplet of blood on it from Nikita’s bloody hand after they walk away. I guess after Michael learned Nikita was trying to get him a new hand it ended their estrangement and things are fine again in Michael and Nikita Land.


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