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Nikita -- Saving Stefan

Updated on March 11, 2013

Original Airing: March 8, 2013

I’m going to confess something that to fellow Nikita fans may seen like blasphemy, but I don’t care what made Amanda Amanda or who Owen was. Both issues were addressed in this episode.

As a villain Amanda just seems like a pathetic wretch with her pathetic plots to make Nikita suffer. The show killed off the wrong villain when they killed off Percy instead of Amanda. Percy was fascinating to watch and Amanda is just a Barbie doll having a very severe case of PMS. I wanted to know what had made Percy into the Percy he became. With Amanda, just put a fork in her because she isn’t just done, she’s overdone.

Anyway, Psycho Barbie was out to capture Ari’s son. Seems that Ari and Amanda recoded the black box and Barbie needs Ari’s password to decode the black box, again. Only Barbie soon discovered getting Stefan away from Krieg [his bodyguard] wouldn’t be so easy, as he was a real badass, not a wannabe one like Amanda. When she made an attempt at Stefan she found her little self getting shot at.

Meanwhile Ari informed Nikita of why Psycho Barbie’s spool became unrolled. Seems Amanda felt humiliated because when Nikita had a chance to blow her away in Moscow she didn’t and let her live. Since then she’s become unhinged. Ari also tells her Krieg will see her as the enemy as much as Amanda if she tries to take Stefan off of him, as Nikita and Alex head off to retrieve Stefan.

Owen gets his knickers in a knot because Michael wouldn’t allow him to be back-up for Nikita and Alex’s mission. And gets further incensed when Michael won’t allow him near Ari to question him about who he was before Division got its hands on him. Owen being Owen sneaks in to see Ari demanding to know who he is.

Nikita and Alex manage to get their hands on Stefan, unfortunately, Amanda and her mercenaries figure out where they are. Stefan decides to sneak away as a gunfight breaks out and lands in the hands of Amanda’s people. Alex gives chase but loses them. Meanwhile Nikita and Amanda are engaged in a gunfight, when Krieg gets the drop on both of them. Both try to convince Krieg they’re on his side. Nikita says she’ll let him talk to Ari to prove she’s the one he can trust.

At the same time, Michael bursts into the room Ari’s in just as Owen knocks him out. Ari had told Owen he didn’t know who he was, but Owen wouldn’t believe him, so Ari made up a story. When Ari revealed nothing he said was true, Owen went ballistic. Unfortunately, Krieg only gave Nikita so long to get Ari on the phone making sure the call wasn’t traced and Ari couldn’t be revived in time. After that, Michael threatened to kill Owen if anything happened to Nikita and told him he’s off active duty.

Alex finds Nikita’s phone where Krieg left it and offers to trade Stefan for Nikita. Only problem is she doesn’t have Stefan. Krieg leaves, and Nikita comes up with a plan to hopefully get rescued. She needs Amanda to cut her with her razor sharp fingernails so she can bleed on a wire that Krieg has hooked up to their chairs. It causes a fire and luckily the fire department finds them before they burn alive. But before they’re rescued Amanda says Amanda was born in fire and she’s the baddest bitch there is. Sorry, honey, I haven’t seen any evidence of that boast.

Krieg gets the drop on Alex, but a rescued Nikita gets Ari on the phone to talk to Krieg and he teams up with Alex to rescue Stefan. It becomes clear that Krieg loves Stefan like he was his own son and that for all intents and purposes he’s more Stefan’s father than Ari is. Ari listens to Stefan and Krieg talking about where they’ll go next, but doesn’t say anything, seeming to realize the same thing.

While it seems like alls well that ends well, Psycho Barbie isn’t finished yet. Since she’s lost Stefan, she goes after Alex and abducts her. No doubt this will be her latest plan to hurt Nikita, since once again Nikita didn’t put this rabid dog down.


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