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Nikita -- Saving Division

Updated on February 6, 2012

I may be possibly the only Nikita viewer that likes Percy and The Cleaner. I was upset when I saw Percy shot. I was like, "No, you can't let Percy die." I'm also thrilled The Cleaner survived and escaped Division to team up with his man, Percy.

Anyway, we pick up where we left off. Team Nikita trying to figure out a way to save Division, while the four remaining members of Oversight are held prisoner by The Guardians and Amanda learning she no longer has the upper hand.

Amanda sends two men down to disarm the bomb The Cleaner put on the door to where the doomsday device is kept. He heads down there to make sure they don't succeed. Meanwhile, Birkhoff tells Alex a way to stop the device, so she goes back into Division to disarm it. After The Cleaner disposes of Amanda's men, he starts chasing Alex trying to kill her. She ends up locked inside Percy's glass cage.

Percy is no longer in his cage because Amanda cut a deal with him. She'll let him go, but she keeps control of Division. On the way to Oversight, Percy starts playing with the heads of his escort. By the time he arrives at Oversight headquarters, Percy is covered in blood and he no longer has an escort. He's also been shot. Cue the music: What a man, what a man. What a mighty fine man! Sorry, couldn't resist. When I saw Percy was shot after the big showdown at Oversight headquarters was over, I was like, "No, Percy can't die." But Percy isn't going to let some little bullet put him down. Dude is walking around like there isn't a thing wrong with him. The Cleaner reports that Division wasn't destroyed and Percy thinks that's a good thing, after all. So it seems while Amanda may have won the battle to retain leadership of Division, the war is far from over. And on the upside, Percy is free, and his got The Cleaner and The Guardians and that's a lethal combination.

When Amanda learned Oversight was planning to be rid of her, it appears she reached out to Golgo for help and cut a deal with them. She's in bed with Semak's second-in-command, Ari. Whether it's metaphorically or literally remains to be seen. What is clear is Ari's playing his own game and he's plotting against Semak. He and Amanda suggest letting the world know that Alex is alive to undermine Semak.

Madeline is the only member of Oversight that survives after Percy gives the order to kill the other three members.When Madeline contacts Amanda she realizes she's lost control of Amanda. She brokers a deal with Michael and Nikita. She'll get the president to pardon them if they do what Nikita has been trying to do since the series began; take down Division.

I have to give Amanda credit. It was clever to make an alliance with Golgo. It seems she's learned well from the master. But she's still no Percy. My money is still on Percy.


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