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Nikita -- Saving Sonya

Updated on January 20, 2013

Birkhoff has a nightmare that because he didn't tell anyone that Sonya was Amanda's mole Nikita got hurt and Sonya's kill chip was activated and she died. So he trails Nikita when she's away from Division and tells her about Amanda forcing Sonya to be a mole and there being a second mole in Division watching Sonya to make sure Sonya doesn't tell anyone what Amanda's making her do.

Meanwhile Michael confronts Alex away from Division about her drug use. He wants her to tell Nikita and he also wants her to get help. What Michael and Alex aren't aware of is someone called The Watcher is watching them and taking photos of them. The photos actually look like something of a romantic nature is happening between Alex and Michael. At least that's what Amanda thinks when she sees them.

Nikita tells the rest of the team what's going on and they attack the problem of saving Sonya from several angles. Ryan comes up with a plan to figure out who the second mole watching Sonya is. Once they determine who it could be they'll keep them distracted while Birkhoff takes Sonya down to Amanda's old torture chamber and will deactivate the kill chip. While Nikita and Michael will give Amanda some fake trouble between them to keep Amanda distracted so she won't activate the kill chip to kill Sonya.

Michael and Nikita have this fake fight that Sonya transmits to Amanda where Michael is accusing Nikita of being obsessed with Amanda. However, they have a real fight when Nikita sees the incriminating photos of Michael and Alex and they have to tell her what was really going on. Needless to say, Nikita is not happy Michael didn't tell her about Alex being on drugs.

Because of the photos, Nikita realizes Amanda has The Watcher watching them all. She decides they can use that to their advantage to track down Amanda. Nikita makes Michael and Alex go on a date together so they can figure out who The Watcher is. She even makes them share a kiss, which really made me feel she may live to regret doing that in the future. She made Michael and Alex cross a line they wouldn't have normally crossed on their own and it could lead to future trouble. It also wasn't great that Alex and Michael actually have chemistry together.

Nikita was able to track down The Watcher and Birkhoff was able to trace Amanda's whereabouts when he transmitted the pictures of Alex and Michael's kiss. Before Nikita and Michael head out to get Amanda, Nikita has a feeling of foreboding that something is going to go wrong and someone is going to get hurt. And it turns out that feeling is right in a way Nikita would never wish to happen.

Birkhoff manages to deactivate Sonya's kill chip before Amanda realizes her mole hasn't contacted her by changing the weather report on a website and goes to kill Sonya by activating her kill chip only to discover it's offline. However, when Amanda and her cleaner, Ann, go to escape, Michael and Nikita get in a car chase with them.

Ann, who doesn't care that Amanda has plans for Nikita, decides to kill them both. She causes the car Michael and Nikita are in to flip over and Michael's hand gets caught underneath the car. Then Ann goes to finish off Nikita, but it's Nikita who cleans Ann. As she rushes back to Michael, the car is on fire and about to explode and Michael still can't get his hand out from under the car. He tells Nikita to leave him and save herself. That's not an option for Nikita, who cuts Michael's hand off and drags him away to safety.

Michael and Nikita were a little too happy. Something tells me this is going to cause a big problem between them. Now that Michael's incapacitated, that means he and Nikita will no longer be able to go out on missions together. So that means Nikita and Owen will be going off together. Meanwhile, back at Division there'll be Michael and Alex who will be recovering from their injuries that keep them out of the field. Michael with his hand and Alex with her arm. Sounds like a recipe for some very big trouble.

As for Amanda, her moles have been deactivated in Divison and her cleaner is dead. It's why I wish there was some way they could resurrect Percy without the show totally jumping the shark. Amanda is a poor man's Percy and she in now way presents the serious kind of threat to Team Nikita that Percy did. Just like Ann was a poor man's Roan. I do think if the show hadn't believed they would be cancelled and they wanted it to end with Nikita finally taking down Percy, Percy and Roan wouldn't be killed off. So we have Amanda as the new super nemesis for Nikita. Only problem is most of her plans seem kind of juvenile. Nothing Amanda's done to Nikita this season comes close to the way Percy hit Nikita where she lived by making her think she'd found her father like last season.

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