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Nikita -- Shadow Walker

Updated on April 29, 2012

This week, the team is trying to figure out where Percy is keeping his secret stash of money, figuring that if they can get their hands on it, Percy won't be able to operate Division without any funds. The team wants to use the information Percy gave Alex to send a message to The Guardians to track down Percy's money. It leads them to a bank in Switzerland. While Alex and Birkhoff are hacking into the bank records to find Percy's account, Michael and Nikita stage a fake bank robbery to cover for them. They learn a man named Ian Damascus manages Percy's money.

Meanwhile back at Division, Percy figures out that Team Nikita will probably go after his money, especially after they figure out he gave his secret banking info to Alex. So he contacts Ian and wants all his money withdrawn before they can get access to it.

To get to Ian Damascus and hopefully get their hands on Percy's money, Team Nikita will need at least 20 million dollars. Birkhoff refuses to pony up the cash, because it's all the money he has. The Team tries to shame him into agreeing to use his money. I was on Birkhoff's side, here. If I had 20 million I wouldn't want to pony it up, either, for the cause. Eventually Birkhoff agrees but only if he can go on the mission to keep an eye on his money or else no dice.

Nikita reminds Birkhoff that the last mission he went on with her he caught caught and tortured. But Birkhoff is adamant. Unless he goes on the mission, she's not getting his money. So Birkhoff poses as an investor for Ian Damascus. He doesn't want to let go of the briefcase of money when Damascus takes it from him and it turns out he was right not to want to let it go.

Instead of transferring Birkhoff's money into the computer like he's pretending, Damascus is stealing it for himself. It seems he started dipping his fingers in Percy's money, thinking Percy was out for the count and would never be able to get access to it. now Percy wants all his money. Even with Birkhoff's 20 million the man is 30 million short of what he owed Percy, so The Cleaner kills him and takes off with what he gave them.

While being look-out for Nikita and Birkhoff, Michael asks Alex why she didn't go off with her mother and asks what's going on between her and Sean. Michael admits Nikita put him up to it.

All hell breaks lose inside as Alex informs Nikita and Birkhoff that Birkhoff's money has vanished. A gunfight breaks out and when Birkhoff gets his hands on a gun he freezes and can't shoot. The last time he had a gun in his hand was when he shot and killed Carla. Unfortunately, because he can't shoot, Nikita ends up getting shot.

Back home, Nikita and Birkhoff get into a nasty fight. She's not the least bit upset she lost Birkhoff's money, she said he stole it, anyway. She's pissed off that Birkhoff got her shot by freezing when he had the gun in his hand, and Birkhoff isn't even mentioning that. All he can talk about is losing his money. Things get so heated that Birkhoff storms out, while Alex takes over as the new computer geek and it's not pretty.

Michael talks to Nikita about Birkhoff. He makes her realize why he froze when he was holding the gun. The last time he held a gun he shot Carla, and she instantly regrets the things she said to him. Meanwhile Birkhoff gets in front of a computer at an Internet Cafe and starts trying to re-coop the money he lost. Unfortunately, one of the places he stole from before has set up some system that will notify them if he tries hacking into their computers again and they alert the feds. Birkhoff is arrested at the cafe and taken away.

The team gets an alert that Birkhoff has been arrested, and Nikita says she'll go get him and bring him home, while Michael and Alex go after the money. When Percy learns Birkhoff is in custody, he sends a Divison team out to bring Birkhoff back to Division.

Another gunfight ensues as Nikita is playing a federal agent and trying to get Birkhoff out of police headquarters. and Percy's team arrives to get Birkhoff. This time when Birkhoff gets his hands on a gun he shoots and saves Nikita's life. When Michael and Alex contact them and say there's no way they're going to be able to get their hands on the truck containing the money, Birkhoff gives the okay to blow-up the truck and burn-up the money.

Percy watches his money go up in flames, looking like he wants to cry. The Team hopes that without money Percy won't be able to run Division, but Percy pulls himself up by his bootstraps and goes on to Plan B. This is what I love about Percy. You can knock him down, but he gets right back up, again. He approaches a man who seems to be in charge of another super duper secret government agency. The man rejects Percy's offer and points out how he lost all his money, but Percy fires back that money isn't everything. No, let's not forget Percy has got a stockpile of plutonium that he's sitting on. Just imagine what another country might pay for it?

Back at home, Nikita talks to Birkhoff about Carla. He says he didn't want to say anything about how he was feeling because Carla had meant so much to Nikita. Birkhoff also explains the reason he was holding on to that money is that it was all he had left of his life before Division got their hands on him and erased who he used to be. Alex gives Birkhoff some of her own money that he can use to rebuild all the money he lost.

This was a nice family episode after all the intensity of last week. And they are a family. They've all lost their own families in one way or another and have come together as a new family. Maybe a better family than the family they originally had.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      I love this show. I have not been able to watch for a while so was happy to see this review/update. I have been in love the the character "Nikita" every since it appears on TV as a regular series titles La Femme Nikita starring Peta Wilson. Also a couple of movies under different titles. The character is great. Voted this up