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Nikita -- The Crossbow Incident

Updated on May 13, 2012

Percy goes Star Wars

Well, we learned what Percy wanted that plutonium for. Thinking he just wanted to build a bomb showed it was pedestrian thinking when you're dealing with Percy. What Kendericks' said about Young Percy also came into play how he couldn't stand not being part of a group. Every thing Percy is doing is because he's trying to impress the head of a new group into letting him become one of them. I can't wait to see what their name will be revealed as considering some of the other names for super secret agencies we had: Golgo and Oversight, wasn't it?

Alex gets a blast from the past when she discovers that Robbie, a fellow Division trainee from her training days that she thought was cancelled, is now working for Percy as a cleaner. One of his latest assignments is to obtain some old mother boards for Percy. Once he gets them he cleans the place of any living witnesses.

Team Nikita have figured out Percy isn't building a bomb, but they still don't know exactly what he's up to. They learn about the theft of the motherboards, not to mention all the scientists that were involved in the Crossbow Project have died and they may have gotten help meeting their maker. The team locates one of the still living scientist's. He's gone off the grid and possibly around the bin.

Percy gives Sonia the motherboards to install in the computer core in the basement of Division. He tells her the world lays in her hand. He's not being overly-dramatic, he's been truthful. Seems Percy intends to implement Ronnie Raygun's old Star Wars plans for taking defense into outer space. The installed motherboards allows him to get control of a satellite that's armed and dangerous. And what's a weapon of this magnitude if you don't give it a test run.

That's where Robbie comes in. Alex and Sean track him down to a nuclear plant. They capture him and question him about what Percy has him doing. He won't tell, and manages to escape. Before he gets shot, Robbie sets off tracking device for Percy to lock-in on. Before he dies, Robbie tells Alex to run. Percy takes aim at the nuclear plant and Alex and Sean ride hellbent to leather away on Robbie's motorcycle to escape the blast.

Meanwhile, Michael and Nikita track down the last living scientist, Donald Henderson. He's very paranoid. He makes a run for it as Division shows up. He gets killed in the crossfire and before he dies he tells Nikita she has no idea what Crossbow is. That Crossbow can help mankind commit suicide.

That nameless dark-haired man Percy approached in the art gallery wanting to become a member of his group is back, as Percy calls him to tell him what he just did. The man still doesn't want to give Percy a secret membership key to his nameless club. He wants further proof that Percy is worthy. He gives Percy a little test. Percy is to contact the President and get him to say a particular phrase at the press conference he's given to explain away what happened to the nuclear reactor. Having no choice the President does what he's told.

The nameless man has another task for Percy to accomplish so he can consider him worthy enough to join his nameless group. He wants Percy to get the President to announce that peace talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan have failed.

Now that Team Nikita knows what Percy is up to, Nikita decides the only way to stop him is to sneak into Division and disable Crossbow. Earlier, Nikita had a nightmare of being trapped back inside Division and it seems that dream was a forewarning of what's to come.

Birkhoff gives Nikita a kiss on the lips and Michael isn't too happy about that before Nikita, Michael, Sean and Alex leave to break into Division. Sean and Alex will take the two Division agents guarding the entrance to the silo; the tricky thing is they can't kill them, because it will alert Division that security has been breached.

Michael and Nikita run into trouble when they open the silo and find the ladder to go down it has been removed. So Michael has to lower Nikita down and her fear of having to go into Division alone becomes a reality. Nikita makes it down to the basement where the super computers are kept. Meanwhile, one of the watchers snaps the other watcher's neck, which sets off a warning at Division.

Michael heads down into the silo when he realizes Nikita is in trouble. She tells him to blow the place up, but he won't do it, because it'll kill her, too. He waits as long as he can and finally blows the charges Nikita planted and that's the way we leave things until the finale episode with Michael and Nikita both trapped in Division but possibly separated from each other.

According to Maggie Q, one of the team will die, next week. I'm praying it isn't Birkhoff, since they may not need both Birkhoff and Ryan, since Ryan becomes a regular next season. Personally speaking I'd rather keep Birkhoff over Ryan. I'm thinking it may be Sean or Alex.

They seem to give Alex a new boyfriend every season, but I don't think it would really hit Nikita that hard. As for Alex, she got her revenge against Semak, so her story is pretty well wrapped up and if Alex were to die, it would up the stakes for Nikita even more than they already are.


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