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Nikita -- The Death Of Sean Pierce

Updated on February 25, 2013

Original Airing: February 22, 2013

Sean informs Alex he’s going back on active duty in the Seals; little does he know that events are unfolding that will make that an impossibility. Meanwhile, Ryan says they’ll handle these four cases without involving the rest of Division and that will be the end of that. Birkhoff, however, wants no part of it.

The gang has more things to worry about when a CIA analyst named Naomi Seaver gets sent files of Division cases that Madeline Pierce sanctioned. Kendricks tries to cover Division’s butt, but things go radically wrong when Kendricks is killed when his car explodes. Even worse, it appears that Sean was responsible for it.

It isn’t long before they realize Mata Hari Barbie aka Amanda has set this whole thing up. She had one of her people wearing a Sean mask hanging outside of the CIA building to be caught on camera right before Kendricks’ car exploded. She also makes it appear that a psychiatrist that Sean went to to deal with his mother’s death had concerns that Sean blamed Kendricks’ and planned to assassinate him. The doctor is later found shot with a pistol that is common issue for a Seal to use.

Sean turns himself in and when Nikita and the gang realize Amanda has framed him so well there’s no way to clear him, they decide to indoctrinate him into Division the way Nikita got indoctrinated. By faking his death and stealing his body and bringing him to Division.

Alex insists that they need to ask Sean, first, if that’s what he wants. They send in a lawyer with a coded message to Sean, waiting to hear what his choice is. Reluctantly, he agrees to it and he jumps a guard and gets shot. The paramedic that comes to help him unknowingly injects Sean with chemicals that will simulate his death.

Naomi, who started the whole mess about Division, turns out to be a mole working for Amanda and she helped set this whole thing up. Amanda realizes Nikita plans to extract Sean, and she orders Naomi to kill Sean for real. She arrives to do just that as Nikita and Alex are trying to revive Sean. While Alex injects Sean with the chemicals to revive him, Nikita takes on Naomi.

It looks touch and go for awhile, but Nikita throws a knife in Naomi’s chest and kills her. She takes Naomi’s shoes as a souvenir of the kill and leaves her behind on a slab in the morgue with a Jane Doe tag on her toe.

When Sean wakes up in Division he’s not thrilled to be told he’s going to have to let his sisters believe he’s dead. While Ryan delivers the bad news. Kendricks’ was their safe guard from having to do more missions for the President. With him gone, instead of just having to do four, they’ll have to handle them all now.

Now the President has found a nefarious use for Division, it doesn’t look like it’ll be shut down once all the rogue agents are caught. In short, Old Division is back. Somewhere Percy must be laughing himself silly.


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