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Nikita -- The Enemy Within

Updated on April 8, 2013

Original Airing: April 5, 2013

Alex’s announcement to Division that the President has a gun to their heads and is prepared to pull the trigger at the least little mistake Division makes started having a snowball effect. Two agents, Rachel and Chris, were putting together a movement for agents to escape from Division. First, they needed to destroy the tracking array on Division’s server. Unfortunately, Sonya catches somebody [Chris] messing around with Division’s brain and they find the planted explosives. They weren’t planning to blow-up the tracking array now; they were going to do it when they’d recruited enough agents to make a run for it.

Ryan blames Alex for this, saying if she had kept her mouth shut, this wouldn’t be happening. He says if enough of Division defects the President will send the SEAL team in and clean all of Division.

Meanwhile, Michael has gone rogue. He’s been chatting online with a woman named Darlene who works at the company he believes is involved with the people Heidecker worked for. He’s hoping if he can find them he can get his new hand.

He shows up where Darlene works and acts all creepy stalker man with her and she can’t get away from him fast enough. When she takes off, he uses her security badge to get in the inner sanctum she appeared to be guarding and steals a hard drive from it.

Nikita finds out about what Michael is up to and is shocked, because she thought he gave up on the idea of getting a new hand and was getting used to his mechanical hand. He reveals he’s still having pain and he misses working with her out in the field.

Nikita agrees to go with Michael as he goes to break back into the building and Birkhoff will hack into the building security to guide them through. Things don’t go as planned, however, when Birkhoff gets booted offline and Michael and Nikita are left on their own. They find a new hand for Michael that was made from his DNA and a present day version of Max Headroom. Only Max has the face of the deceased Heidecker.

Heidecker explains he’s a digital mask to communicate with them. He says The Shop has DNA on every Division agent. They’re also the only one that can perform Michael’s surgery and attach the hand to him, successfully. Heidecker explains that Percy killed someone for them. They want Michael and Nikita to retrieve something for them, and in exchange Michael will get his new hand.

Michael, Nikita and Birkhoff think The Shop is a Think Tank that develops tech for the US government. Birkhoff is majorly freaked when the laptop Michael and Nikita took with them from the building suddenly comes on and Max Heidecker reveals what they want Michael and Nikita to retrieve for them. It’s a virus that heals you instead of making you sick, or so they claim. It’s located in Dr. Wong’s lab in Nanjing, China.

Jason, a fellow Division agent, volunteers to go with Michael and Nikita to break into the lab. They steal the Prion, but Jason is
killed while the three of them are escaping. Rachel uses Jason’s death to recruit more agents.

Sean comes up with a plan to reveal whose plotting mutiny by placing fake hacker code in the main frame so the hacker will try to delete it and this reveal who they are. Sean is also trouble by Alex’s new attitude. He tells her in the facility Amanda held her in South Ossetia he saw a chair similar to the one Amanda used on Owen. He suspects Amanda did something to Alex, but Alex swears Amanda did nothing and this is all just her.

Michael and Nikita go back to the building to make the trade. They were expecting a surgery team to be there to attach Michael’s new hand, but instead it was attached by a robot. And the car Nikita was ordered to place the Prion in was a kissing cousin to Knight Rider’s KITT. It was programmed to drive there with no driver and then to go wherever it’s destination was. This new group takes anonymity to a new level. I thought it was clever, though, the way the show kind of paid homage in a clever and subtle way to a couple of programs from the 80’s.

Back at Division, Sean’s plan worked and Rachel revealed herself as the one behind the movement to defect from Division. Only it turned out she really wasn’t; it was Alex. When Ryan questioned Rachel and she used the phrase, “Tipping Point,” which Ryan had only said to Alex, he realized she was behind it. At which point Alex shot him point-blank and got Rachel agree to take the fall for her so she can continue with the plan to get all the Division agents to cut-and-run.

I was kind of disappointed when it was revealed that Alex was indeed brainwashed by Amanda. I actually agreed with the things she was doing and saying. For the first time in the entire series, I was Team Alex. From what Alex was saying to Ryan Amanda has brainwashed Alex to confuse Division with the Russian sex slave ring she got trapped in.

Alex is sitting by Ryan’s bedside when Michael and Nikita arrive. He’s in critical condition and no one knows if he’ll live. Nikita blames herself for not being there. I wonder how she’ll react when she finds out just who really shot Ryan.

Meanwhile it was revealed the whole thing with Michael and Nikita stealing the Prion from Dr. Wong’s lab was a set-up. In short, Wong’s lab let Michael and Nikita steal it as The Shop requested. It seems it was all part of their plans to get their hooks into Michael and Nikita, and through them Division.

Before Percy died he was trying to get this mysterious group to let him join. Could this be the group? And is it possible that somehow Percy is alive. If this group can make a hand they grew from Michael’s DNA, is it beyond the realm of possibility they could have somehow saved Percy and extracted him?

We saw how Division faked someone’s death by giving that person drugs. What if Percy took the same drugs and then provoked Nikita to kill him. Couldn’t The Shop have retrieved Percy’s body from the morgue and resurrected him the same way?

Percy’s been gone for nearly a year and he’s still being mentioned pretty much every episode. I think the show killed Percy off in case they were cancelled so Nikita would have closure. But it would absolutely blow Nikita’s mind if Percy was alive and if through Michael’s new hand he’d succeeded in getting his hooks back into Michael and Nikita, again.

I’m sorry, but Amanda sucks as the big show villain. She’s just blah. Besides, the show never did tell the story of what really went down between Amanda and Percy. Something tells me Amanda only got involved with Ari on the rebound from Percy.

Personally, I’d love to have Xander Berkley back on the show. Percy always was one step ahead of everyone and always planned in advance for all eventualities. That’s why it never sat right that he got taken down so easily by Nikita.


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