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Nikita -- The Guardians

Updated on December 6, 2011

Owen is back and Nikita knows he's working for Golgo and she's not happy.. But they agree to go after the black box together. Owen is concerned about the strange behavior the Guardian is exhibiting. Says only Percy can give a Guardian the order to go on the move. Nikita foolishly thinks that because Percy is in a glass cage in Division he's been neutralized.

Meanwhile, Ari, the head of Golgo is trying to persuade Semak they need to get themselves a black box and open it, but Semak wants it destroyed. He tries to convince him that it'll be bad for the Americans if they get one and have access to the information.

Nikita, Owen and Ari all take a go at getting Patrick Miller, the guardian of the black box, so they can get their hands on it. In the process, the police arrest Miller and Nikita. While in custody, Miller reveals to a disbelieving Nikita that Percy has summoned all the guardians. He doesn't reveal that Amsterdam is the meeting place.

Owen calls Michael to help rescue Nikita. Can't say I'm happy with Michael's return. He didn't make the choice on his own to return to Nikita because she was the most important thing to him. He did it because he life was in danger, and when the danger is over, he'll probably go back to London and Cassandra.

Nikita sends Michael and Owen after Patrick Miller to find out what Percy is up to, while she heads after Ari to get the black box. I think we all know what this is leading to. The reteaming of Alex/Nikita, gag me with a spoon.

Speaking of Alex, amid flashbacks galore, Alex infiltrates her old house to kill Semak and finds her mother there alive and well. If Alex finally gets her revenge against Semak, does that mean they'll possibly kill her off. Sorry, but her whole story is about getting revenge for her father's murder, so once that's resolved, do they really need to keep her around? As I said before, I just feel that she's the weak link in the show and they've put way too much emphasis on her lately. The show is called Nikita not Alex. The ending shot of the mid-season finale was even of Alex.


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