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Nikita -- The Return

Updated on November 22, 2013

Can Nikita clear her name?

First off, was it always known what Nikita's last name was? Hearing her called Nikita Mears was rather shocking.

Nikita has been on the run for 100 years as the final season and first of the six episodes that will wrap up this series opens, she's running for her life. While running she sees a wolf in the woods and it seems to give her a vision of all those she loves dead while she survives. Michael tells her that it's okay. She's fine, they took the hit for her.

Matthew Graham, the deputy director of the FBI is being interviewed by Dale Gordon on why Nikita still hasn't been caught, as Nikita makes it across the Canadian border back into the United States. Courtesy of Amanda, two hick cops get the drop on Nikita and call Graham, who tells them to not go near her until his team gets there. Of course, these Barney Fifes don't listen and Nikita easily takes them out and escapes once more.

Amanda's all cozy in her new evil organization The Shop. She's the same old Amanda with the same unfortunate Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction hairstyle. She's still plotting against Nikita. I still find her a pathetic loser as a villainess and a poor man's Percy. God, I still miss Percy. I think the show would never have killed Percy off in the season two finale if they'd thought they wouldn't get cancelled. She's also got her beady little eyes on Alex who is actually causing the Queen of Mean more trouble than Nikita is.

Alex has managed to shut down several of The Shop's human trafficking warehouses and has them running short on test subjects. She's after yet another one. Sonya is working with her. And little does Alex know she's being watched by Sam I Am formerly known as Owen.

Michael is looking for Nikita, while Nikita believes Michael wouldn't care anymore to find her. Nikita decides to make contact with Dale Gordon and to try and get what she knows to him to give to his contact in the FBI. Turns out his "inside man" is really Amanda and she was using him to lay a trap for Nikita that Nikita falls into.

Michael, Birkhoff and Ryan work together to get her out of the TV station where the feds have the place surrounded. Birkhoff is ticked off she left them and went rogue. He reads her the riot act and what he says is almost prophetic when he warns Nikita if she keeps going it alone she's going to end up in an alley somewhere dying all alone. Little does Nikita know but before the day is out she will be shot in an alley all by herself.

Birkhoff is shocked when Nikita starts giving him orders on how to get her out of the building with her plan. Unfortunately, Graham figures out someone is helping Nikita and shuts Birkhoff down. So Michael steps in and makes threats against the man's wife and Graham cooperates and helps Nikita get out of the building. Michael and Nikita see each other briefly and it isn't some warm and loving reunion. Michael's pretty cool and emotionless to Nikita and who can blame him. He tells her to meet him after Graham gets her through the barricade.

Unfortunately Graham has a gun hidden in his SUV and manages to get it without Nikita noticing. She tries to tell him she didn't kill the President. She also left what evidence she's gathered with Dale Gordon to give to him in hopes he'll start investigating what's really going on. However, as she's driving away Graham manages to shoot Nikita. She doesn't get far before crashing the car and dropping her cell phone. She takes off on foot trying to presumably get to the rendezvous point where Michael is waiting for her.

Nikita discovered that Karl Yeager had a strange substance in his blood before he turned on his own people and shot them, but when he was autopsied his blood work came out normal. She believes it's possible Nikita has developed some new poison she's injected in these people to make them act out of character.

Alex watches a exchange going on between four men who resemble each other and are the latest humans to be acquired for The Shop. A gun battle breaks out when Alex is spotted and the buyer gets away with one of the men. Alex scans one of the dead test subjects and notices he has a chip implanted in him. This seems to give Ryan a clue about what's going on but he doesn't share what he's thinking with anyone else.

Unfortunately, Sam I Am creeps up behind Alex and demands she hand over the wand to him.

Graham goes to see Dale Gordon and he hands over the evidence Nikita gave him. It'll be the last thing he does as the tent Gordon is in blows up, killing him.

If you thought Graham cooperated a little too easily than you were right. Seems Graham is a crook and involved in the conspiracy. He's the one who set a bomb in the tent that killed Graham, although the media is claiming Nikita did it to shut Gordon up. The question is is Graham a card carrying member of The Shop or is he another victim of whatever The Shop is doing to these high ranking officials to get control of them?

Nikita sees a news report about Dale Gordon. Not sure if she put it together that Graham is a crook or not. While Michael learns Nikita got shot and he begins searching for her, again.

I think when Nikita finally comes face-to-face with Amanda [or should I say Helen] she will kill her this time. She now knows the truth of what made Helen into Amanda and that she's psychotically evil and there's absolutely no hope for her. She needs to be put down like a rabid dog so she can't hurt anyone else.

Will Michael find Nikita? Will Nikita let the team help her or will she continue to go it alone? And what is it going to take to finally exterminated the disease known as Amanda?


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