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Nikita -- The Return of Alex Udinov

Updated on February 17, 2012

Alex is going along with Amanda's plan to go public about being Alexandra Udinov, the true heir to Zetrov. Ari tells Amanda because of what Carla knows there needs to be a slight change in plans. Alex has to die, so Semak will be blamed for it and taken out. Amanda reluctantly agrees to the plan because if they don't do this Ari could be killed.

Meanwhile, Carla is telling the gang how Division was born. Carla was a prison counselor with a program to rehabilitate criminals when she was approached by Percy. He wanted to incorporate her program on a large scale. They started out in a small office and it was just her and Percy. Then Percy moved the program to the building Division is now housed in and brought Amanda in to help.

Amanda and Carla hated each other on spot and one day Amanda framed Carla to make it look she was going to go to congress and Percy sanctioned a hit on her. Lucky for Carla, The Cleaner they sent, was Brian, someone from Carla's original program. He let her escape and faked her death. Unfortunately, when Nikita killed the cop Carla's fingerprints were on the gun and it alerted Amanda to the fact Carla was still alive. Carla has no idea why Amanda is out to get her though.

That is until she sees Ari at the press conference when Alex reveals she's alive just as Semak is giving a speech. Carla recalls seeing Ari and Amanda together. From that, the gang figures out Amanda is a Russian mole.

When Ari puts a hit on Alex and she's trying to escape from the hotel, Nikita discovers she and Carla at cross-purposes. Carla is convinced Division can be saved and her original program can be restored. Carla is so convinced, she's willing to gamble with Alex's life to expose Amanda for what she is. While Nikita tries to talk sense to her, Birkhoff has a gun pointed at Carla really to take her out.

With help from Ari and Amanda, who don't want their secrets exposed, Alex escapes. Later she returns to take on Semak for control of Zetrov. Meanwhile, Carla says Nikita was right. However, when Carla is alone on the beach, she calls Percy and tells him she wants to save Division and return it back to its original purpose. Percy wants Division back, but I highly doubt he wants to return it back to Carla's vision, so she's putting her money on the wrong pony. Still, she tells Percy about Amanda and Ari, which gives Percy the ace in the hole he's been looking for.


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