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Nikita -- Til Death Do Us Part

Updated on May 20, 2013

Original Airing: May 17, 2013

Before the finale aired word came that The CW aka The Teenybopper Network was only bringing back Nikita for 6 episodes. They wanted to have enough episodes for syndication so they could make money off the back of the show they never gave any respect to. The fact is Nikita was always too good a show for this network. Unlike The Vampire Diaries, Nikita’s writing just kept getting better and better as time went on. The writers never let a pack of shippers dictate to them what to write for the show. The actors trusted the writers to write for them and weren’t constantly yapping in the press about wanting to ride a motorcycle on the show or getting a new love interest or playing a bad guy. It was a rarity in scripted TV shows, but it will at least have six episodes to wrap up the show, much like Last Resort was able to do when it got cancelled.

Okay, let’s talk about Amanda aka the Uma Thurman wannabe. I’m left scratching my head in confusion over why The Shop wants her. Do they know what she’s like? That’s aside for her chair that allows her to mess with peoples minds she’s pretty much an incompetent who never pulls off a plan the way she wants it to go? That she has absolutely no loyalty to anyone but herself. Look at what she did to Ari when he started standing in the way of her pathetic revenge plots against Nikita? She’s kind of the last person some super spy organization would want to recruit.

My favorite fantasy, which isn’t going to happen, is Percy would walk through the door alive with a gun in his hand. He’d say, “Hello, Amanda,” as he pulled the trigger. The camera would pan to Amanda’s face. Her eyes would be frozen in a death stare and there’d be this beautiful bullet hole right in the middle of her forehead. Yeah, I thought about this a little too much.

Anyway, that thing Amanda injected into Nikita not only allows her to eavesdrop on everything and everyone around Nikita but she can also talk to Nikita. It’s like an episode of The Night Gallery. A fly flew into Laurence Harvey’s ear [this episode instilled a life-long fear of a fly flying inside my ear] and laid a bunch of eggs inside his brain and he started screaming in agony when the eggs hatched and he could hear the flies buzzing around his brain. That’s what it’s like have Amanda’s voice inside your head.

Even though Psycho Bimbo was listening to everything Nikita said, it totally slipped by her when Nikita passed a message to Michael and company, before she took off from Division on a motorcycle. Michael, at first, thought she was talking about Amanda having her in her little mind-melding chair, but Alex said that wasn’t what it was like. Then they figured that Amanda had bugged Nikita. Ryan recalls Nikita commenting that the President wasn’t safe with her, and the gang figured out the whole plan. Birkhoff was even able to jam Amanda’s high tech bug so they could communicate with Nikita on the Amanda Channel.

Michael and Alex track down Nikita while Birkhoff is jamming the signal and Nikita reveals she’s doing this to save Michael. Then she reveals to Michael that he has the new and improved kill chip installed inside him via his new hand. Michael would rather die than for Nikita to do this, but she tells him the only way to save her is to save himself. That without him she has nothing to live for.

Earlier, the team discovered the technology for the new and improved kill chip was created and stolen from a scientist named Kang. Michael and Alex head to see Kang in hopes he can create an antidote before Nikita goes through with killing the President. Only problem is Kang had a kill chip installed in him without his knowledge and it was triggered before he could help Michael.

Meanwhile Nikita discovers a member of the Secret Service guarding the President is working for The Shop. He gives her a gun to shoot the President and gets her into the President’s office. As Nikita is about to kill the President, Michael lies to her that they found the antidote and the kill chip has been neutralized. Instead of killing the President, Nikita tells her that a member of her Secret Service is on a plot to kill her. That’s when things take a surreal turn. The President takes the gun from Nikita and puts it up to her head and kills herself.

Back at Division, Alex figures out a way to neutralize the kill chip. If they kill Michael the kill chip will be deactivated and then bring Michael back, he’ll be out of danger. They put Michael through the same procedure they all went through when they joined Division, only when they try to bring Michael back they can’t revive him.

Back at the White House, Amanda orders the crooked Secret Service agent to kill Nikita. Birkhoff is able to pull one of his high tech tricks and send a shooting pain through the man’s head. Apparently, Amanda had him implanted with one of her nasty devices, as well. It allows Nikita to kill him and make her escape. Then Amanda tries to pull the kill trigger on Michael, figuring if she can’t kill Nikita, she’ll do the next best thing and kill Michael, only that doesn’t work, either. So she sends in the rest of the Dirty Thirty to kill everyone in Division. See what I mean about none of her plans working?

Division is under siege as the gang keeps trying to bring Michael back. Sonya stays to work on Michael, as Birkhoff, Alex and Ryan take on the Dirty Thirty. Nikita arrives in the nick of time and the four of them take out the Dirty Thirty. Curses! Foiled again, Amanda! Did I mention her plans never work?

Nikita rushes down to medical and begs Michael to come back to her. That the only way he can save her is by saving himself. And Michael finally comes back to her. Afterwards, the gang leaves Division and then blows up the empty facility.

Alex decides to take Maryam up on her offer to be a United Nations Envoy, figuring that would be the best way to find out about The Shop since they’re involved in human trafficking. Sonya suggests to Birkhoff that one of his hacker friends let them set up shop. Nikita, however, doesn’t want to put them all in danger. Since the world believes she killed the President there’s going to be a manhunt like nothing they’ve ever faced before. Nikita pretends to go along with them when they talk her into letting them help her, but the first chance she gets she sneaks off.

Michael finds his engagement ring on the floor and when he calls her on her cell phone, she throws it out the window, determined to go it alone.

In some undisclosed location the real President is alive and well. She was snatched at the G-20 conference. The whole thing was a set-up because Amanda couldn’t tolerate the idea of Nikita being pardoned and being thought of as a hero. Now the whole world thinks she assassinated the President.

Ari said Amanda went psycho because Nikita didn’t kill her when she had the chance, but I think she would have gone after Nikita if that hadn’t happened. She seemed to glom on to Nikita after Percy died. She pulled the same torturing crap on Percy, and just like Nikita, Percy outsmarted her. If her plan to kill Nikita had worked, she probably would have glommed on to Michael next. Then Alex. Then Birkhoff. The woman doesn’t seem to have anything to live for unless there isn’t someone she can torture.

I still don’t get why this Shop would think Amanda would be an asset. It makes me think the Queen Viper is being lured into a false sense of security. I think someone has got to plug this psycho before the show ends. It would be ironic if the sister she thinks she murdered somehow survived the fire she set and has been hunting Queen Psycho down all these years. I just hope one of her many victims ends up putting her lights out for good.

With the finale it leaves a lot of questions to be answered? Have we seen the last of Owen/Sam? How far will Michael go to find Nikita? And how will Nikita realize while on the run that the President is still alive?


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