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Nikita -- Time Is Running Out

Updated on April 29, 2011

While Alex is trying to convince Nikita she should join her and go rogue, since Michael can be the double agent in Division, Michael learns from Seymour about Operation Sparrow, an operation Percy plans to put into action regarding the black boxes that Michael has no knowledge of. It makes Michael decide he and Nikita need to get his hands on one of the black boxes and open it. He's given an opportunity when Percy assigns Michael to check on a guardian in Plainview, Pennsylvania. 

Michael goes to Nikita and tells her she has six hours to get to Pennsylvania to find the guardian and get the box. Nikita wonders what happens after they get all the black boxes. Michael doesn't want to talk about the future.

What seems like a straight forward mission turns complicated when Nikita finds a man in the guardian's house and the guardian, Dana Winters, nowhere to be found. Dana's has also planted her tracking device on the man living in her house.

To smoke out Dana, Nikita goes to the local bank and stages a bank robbery. When the man goes to open the safe for her, she disappears, and then waits outside to see if Dana shows up. And darned if she doesn't. Nikita follows her to where she's now living and discovers Dana's romantically involved with the local sheriff.

Michael joins Nikita in Plainview and Nikita wants to broker a deal with Dana. She and Michael show up on Dana's doorstep posing as new neighbors wanting to get to know the neighborhood. Dana recognizes them both. When Nikita gets up from the table to go to the bathroom, Dana follows and a girl-on-girl fight ensues in the hall until Nikita says she wants to help Dana escape Division, and urges Dana to tell the sheriff the truth about herself.

Alex has a similar chat with Nathan, telling him she works for government assassins. Nathan thinks she's lying and just trying to get rid of him. Jayden, who is nervous about returning to the outside world, drops by to visit Alex. A still angry Nathan pops in and addresses Jayden as another government assassin. Alex can't talk her way out of this one, and Jayden goes in for the kill. Nathan returns and walks in on the girl-on-girl fight and ends up killing Jayden to save Alex. Alex tells Nathan to pack us his apartment and disappear.

Alex calls Nikita not knowing what to do. Nikita says to call Division and tell them the truth. A cleaner will come to take care of Jayden. Unfortunately the cleaner doesn't seem to buying the story and asks if anyone else was here when Jayden died. When Alex is later interrogated by 
Amanda, Amanda reveals Jayden had a cochlear implant and plays a tape of Alex calling Nikita and asking what she should do. Amanda knocks her to the floor. It's over for Alex, she can't talk her way out of this one.

Nikita destroys Dana's tracker and Michael says he'll have to call in a strike team. He tells Division the guardian is off line. The sheriff's son, Eddie, runs away when he learns the truth about Dana. Dana and the Sheriff search frantically for him.

Nikita finds Eddie at the hardware store and talks some sense to him so he'll accept that Dana loves him even though she's not his real mother. At the same time the strike team figure out Nikita is in the hardware store and surround the place. She gets them to let Eddie go safely, and says she'll surrender, but once Eddie comes out one of the members of the strike force holds a gun to Eddie's head threatening to kill him.

It looks like Michael may have to make a choice to save Nikita and Eddie, but before he has to, Dana shoot the members of the strike team and saves Eddie. Before leaving with the sheriff and Eddie she gives Michael and Nikita the black box and a sample of her blood so they can hopefully crack the code and see what's inside the box.

Michael tells Nikita he's sorry for the way he acted when she asked about the future. He says it's been a long time since something as good as her has been in his life and its hard for him to think about the future.

Of course, the irony is Alex gave up her chance to fake her death to save Jayden's life and now Jayden is dead and so may be Alex if Nikita and Michael can't save her. If Michael does help to save Alex, how long will it be before Michael's cover is blown. And since Amanda heard Alex calling Nikita through Jayden's cochlear implant, did she also hear what really happened when Jayden was killed? Did Nathan get away safely?


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