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Nikita -- True Believer

Updated on November 3, 2012

Mama Mia!

The third member of the Dirty Thirty is an agent named Mia. Nikita is shocked when she learns Ryan still has her on a mission that Percy began. She was on the understanding that there were no active assignments being undertaken by New Division. She’s undercover in a group called The Third Wave when she gets apprehended. Ryan wants to know the protocol for extracting an agent. Nikita and Alex team up to break Mia out of the Supermax Holding Facility.

Meanwhile, Ryan tells Michael he thinks they’re going to attack a hockey game. Michael and Sean go to the hockey arena to check it out and meet security men working for Senator Wallace Herek. They reveal he’s hosting a welcome home to the troops function at the arena. It seems the perfect function for a terrorist group to target.

Nikita tells Alex she doesn’t trust who Ryan works for, as they prepare to break Mia out of prison. Alex infiltrates the facility and slips Nikita past the guard in a food cart. Mia is less than thrilled to see Nikita and remains suspicious as Nikita tries to convince her that Division has changed. Nikita gives Mia clothes to pose as a fed, but refuses her request for a gun. Unfortunately, as they’re about to leave the facility they run into a guard and Mia gets his gun and promptly shoots Alex before escaping.

Alex taken back to Division and rushed to medical. Birkhoff is blaming Sonia for Alex being shot. They’re still on the outs and most of the time they’re in the same room, Birkhoff is pretending she isn’t there. Nikita plans to get Mia for shooting Alex.

Mia returns to Third Wave and goes directly to her leader, Joshua. She tells him their strength is in each other. She tells him when she met him she was undercover. She tells him she’s left them. She tells him all the people Division made her kill. She thinks Joshua’s way can make it right. She says she wants to be the one to kill Herek by wearing making herself a human bomb by wearing the bomb vest.

Birkhoff locates a safe house 6 miles from the hockey arena. Michael and Nikita lead the raid. While Michael is facing off with Joshua, Nikita is doing the same with Mia. Mia disdains Nikita for not shutting Division down. Said Nikita was the one who made her believe she could make things right. She throws Nikita out a window. Meanwhile, Joshua pulls some tricky move on Michael and also manages to escape.

Nikita says Mia reminds her of herself. Nikita said she was a true believer; she was more committed than her enemies to take down Division. She wonders if she’s lost that. Meanwhile Michael wonders if Joshua could be a Seal because of the fighting techniques he used on him when they were in hand-to-hand combat.

Ryan orders Mia taken out, but Nikita refuses. She wants to bring her in alive.

Birkhoff is becoming the next Q as he comes up with some gadgets for the mission. One is a robot to spy on everything. It’s a robotic camera that can fly above the arena and give Division a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on down below. Another is a baton that’s basically a cattle prod and give someone a volt of electricity that won’t hopefully set off the bomb vest they expect Mia to be wearing.

Sean asks Alex what are they doing at Division? He doesn’t think it’s a good idea if she’s only there for Nikita. She says she believes in Nikita. He basically admits to being there because of Alex.

Herek’s event is called, America Comes Home. Nikita tracks Mia and zaps her but discovers she’s not the one wearing the vest. It’s actually someone who is wearing a hoodie and is amongst the crowd in the arena.

Nikita tries to tell Mia that Joshua is just another Percy that’s she’s hooked herself up with, but she won’t believe it. It takes Mia seeing via Birkhoff’s camera a conversation between Joshua and a member of Herek’s security team discussing kidnapping Herek and sacrificing all of Third Wave to finally convince her of the truth. She tells Nikita a Third Wave member named Salvador is wearing the vest. Mia tracks Salvador down and ends up taking a bullet for him when someone tries to shoot him. Nikita disarms him and tells Mia to hang on, but Mia dies thanking Nikita. Meanwhile Michael manages to stop Joshua. This time when he tries to get the drop on Michael, Michael knocks him out.

Later, Nikita tells Ryan it’s not right when a Divison agent dies you get deleted. She demands Ryan have no more active missions. She also suggests he get rid of some of the papers on his desk. For the moment Nikita and Ryan have resolved their difference in the way things should be done. However, you have to wonder if there’ll come a point that Nikita and Ryan won’t be able to come to a détente and Nikita will choose to go her own way.


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