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Nikita -- Who Do You Trust?

Updated on May 8, 2011

Underestimating Percy Is A Serious Mistake

Percy proves to be the ultimate player as he reveals his machinations to all the people who thought they were close to taking him down.

Amanda has Alex strapped to a torture chair and is enjoying semi-electrocuting the girl, when Percy comes in. Amanda reveals Alex has been working as Nikita's mole. Percy decides that Alex should be cancelled, until he learns who Alex really is. At that point, Percy dismisses Amanda from the room to have some alone time. He plays for Alex a home movie of her and her parents at Christmas. He then sets it work undermining her trust in Nikita. 

Michael heads to Division to check on Alex, and Amanda says she's still being interviewed about Jayden's death. Birkhoff tells Michael that Michael needs to kill Nikita cause he's been put on lock down and not allowed to leave the premises. He then reveals that Percy is having killed anyone that can decode the black box. The last person on his hit list is Malcom. Michael alerts Nikita, who saves Malcom from Percy's hit squad. 

Malcom says he'll need special equipment to decode the box, so Nikita contacts Ryan Fletcher at CIA. She helps Ryan escape the Percy's men who are following him and tells him if the CIA gets their hands on the information inside the box both she and Michael could be in trouble. Ryan says the only way they can decode the box is at CIA headquarters. She reluctantly hands over Malcom and they head to the CIA. 

Percy says it was Oversight that ordered her father killed and he was just following orders, so why isn't she after them, instead of him. Then asks if this was Nikita's idea. He then reveals there's a kill chip inside her head, something that Nikita didn't tell her. Just then Michael storms in, worried about what's happening to Alex. Percy announces to Michael that Alex is Nikita's mole and he holds Michael responsible for it. He gives Michael a gun and orders him to kill Alex. Michael blows his cover by pointing the gun at Percy and pulling the trigger. Only the one who gets taken down is Michael, not Percy, as he falls to the floor, unconscious.

Percy reveals to Alex that he'll let her live, if she goes to Nikita and lies to her. Alex apparently agrees to that, as she shows up at Nikita's. She questions why Nikita wouldn't let her leave Division and come stay with her at her place. And when Nikita meets with Ryan to hand over the black box, Nikita cuts Ryan off when he almost tells Alex about the kill chip in her head, but Alex heard enough to know what Percy said was true. Nikita knew about it and didn't tell her.

Percy visits Michael to tell him he's been manipulating Michael and Nikita all along. He says when Michael suddenly went along with his plan to overthrow the government, he knew Michael had turned. He's known for some time that Michael is working with Nikita. He's been setting up all his supposed losses. Dana Winters cut a deal with Percy to set up Michael and Nikita. Percy has booby-trapped the black box that Nikita has given over to the CIA. Instead of stopping Percy's plan to move against the government, Nikita has ended up helping Percy pull it off.

Alex leads Nikita into a trap inside an empty building. Then she asks Nikita if she's the one who killed her father. Nikita doesn't answer, and Alex shoots her.

Percy has proven himself to be the ultimate manipulator. Taking him down has suddenly gotten a lot harder. What with Nikita shot and Michael imprisoned in Division, who is there going to be left to stop him?


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