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Nikita -- Will The Real Seymour Birkhoff Please Stand Up

Updated on December 13, 2013

Ryan is convinced that Birkhoff isn't Birkhoff

Ryan was on my crap list this week. To be honest, I'm really not that big of a Ryan fan. I really don't think the show needs him. Yes, I know fan girls all over the world are gathering pitchforks to come and hunt me down for that. He's okay, but I don't think it's necessary for him to be the big cheese. When Nikita, Michael and Birkhoff were working together on their own they did the same thing that only Ryan supposedly can do.

Anyway, when someone hacks into the autopsy report on Graham and changes the results to say he really is Graham, Ryan quickly narrows his eyes in suspicion at Birkhoff. He doesn't like that Birkhoff hasn't been able to give him answers and feels he's being secretive. He tells Nikita his theory and she laughs in his face, but sets out to prove the nerd is the nerd.

Birkhoff is actually being secretive. He keeps looking at a picture of a man named Ronald Peller and he tries to hide it from everyone else. When Nikita goes to talk to him it seems he may actually be the clone Ryan thinks he is when Birkhoff says he's not who Nikita thinks he is.

Ryan goes off half-cocked and points a gun at Birkhoff, and he easily takes the gun away from Ryan and points it at him instead. I know they call Birkhoff The Nerd but maybe that title should belong to Ryan. Does the dude even know how to fight or shoot a gun. I mean, when the computer nerd easily disarms you in arm to arm combat that's really sad and pathetic.

Birkhoff explains that his real name is Lionel Peller and Ronald Peller is his father. When he was a teen, he faked his death in a sailing accident to escape his father and created the new identity of Seymour Birkhoff, computer hacker. Birkhoff believes his father is the one who hacked into Graham's autopsy report and changed it so it would show the man that died was really Graham.

They figure out the men that Alex saw being sold were going to be used to make a clone of Ronald to replace him and that Amanda now has Ronald at some undisclosed location. While Birkhoff hates his father he doesn't want him to end up dead like Graham did, but Nikita assures Birkhoff it'll be different this time.

Only it isn't. They get their hands on the clone and test him with questions to prove he is indeed the clone, but something goes wrong and he gets killed. And Birkhoff believes that's just insured his father being killed, too.

Earlier, Nikita had convinced Birkhoff to communicate secretly with his father revealing he was alive. That turns out to be a big mistake, as his father stupidly says something that tips Amanda off to the truth that Birkhoff is Ronald's son Lionel. She decides to keep him alive. And one can be sure she'll use this new info to get Birkhoff to betray the team as Ryan accused him of earlier. If she doesn't then she's pretty darned stupid. An advantage is an advantage.

Meanwhile, Michael has to team up with Owen to save Alex. Owen isn't too happy when he learns Alex's assets have been frozen. Still he hopes to find some way to use Alex as a cash cow to pay off the guys after him for the money he apparently owes them.

As it turns out Alex doesn't really need their help. She actually manages to subdue her captors on her own. Not that they really seem to be that bright or really know what their doing. I have to say their attempts at torture were a bit laughable. Handcuffing someone to ceiling handcuffs while playing extremely loud music. Did they really think that would make her crack? It just made them look like Maxwell Smart type of operatives.

So, this week Amanda didn't win. She lost another clone in high places. And Alex escaped from her evil plan. Unfortunately, Alex's work trying to stop human trafficking will now have to stop as she'll now be just as much a fugitive from justice as Nikita is. So The Shop will be able to purloin their human guinea pigs without her interfering in their plans, anymore. Unfortunately, she has a new weapon in the form of Birkhoff's father.

On a completely different note, I couldn't help thinking when Nikita and Birkhoff were talking that I wouldn't mind seeing these two as a couple. Yeah, it's an odd pairing, but when Michael abandoned Nikita for his child and Alex abandoned her, Birkhoff was the one that stuck by Nikita. And Birkhoff is more than the computer nerd these days. They just have a really touching relationship.

Yes, I know she loves Michael and he love Sonya, but it would be an interesting pairing. They had some interesting dynamics when it was just the two of them fighting the fight together.

It was nice that before the show ends Birkhoff's past got explored a bit. How ironic that Birkhoff faked his death before Division grabbed him and faked his death. And apparently they never realized Seymour Birkhoff wasn't his real name. Birkhoff must have set up some really good fake identity to fool them so completely.

I really think of all the characters on the show Birkhoff is the character that has changed the most. I think the character has become so good that he could easily be spun off in his own series. Let's just hope Birkhoff makes it out of the series alive. I think of all the characters I'd be most upset if Birkhoff were to die.


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