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Nikita Won't Be The Same Without Percy

Updated on October 6, 2012

As the time ticks down for the start of Nikita’s third season to start, I still mourn the loss of Percy in the season two finale. I understand the reasoning for killing off Percy. The show wasn’t sure it would get renewed and having Percy die gave Nikita closure. Still, the show is going to have a huge hole in it without Percy there as the ultimate big bad everyone feared and wanted to bring down.

The thing I loved most about Percy was that he was smart. He was the thinking person’s villain. There he was trapped in that glass cage making all these benign requests that had both characters and viewers alike wondering what he was up to and how that was going to enable him to escape. When he actually made his move we didn’t suspect a thing, much like Alex when he got her do something we all thought was innocuous but was really his way of sending a message to his Guardians.

Even when Percy was down, he was never really out. Like when he was trying to get hooked up with a new group of people. He also was the King Of Mind Games. He was always fooling Nikita and the viewers about what he was up to, only for us to find out what his real plan was. Amanda, for instance, is pretty transparent and you can easily figure out what she’s up to, but you could never be sure with Percy and his Machiavellian mind.

The show has tried to build some big relationship between Amanda and Nikita but it just pales in comparison to Percy and Nikita. Years in advance he set up a con to convince Nikita that she had found her father. He even managed to ruin the one good relationship Nikita felt she had with her mother-figure Carla, who she credited for saving her, only to find out she was in cahoots with Percy and she created the very program Nikita felt ruined her life and turned her into an assassin.

I keep hoping they can find a way for Percy to not be dead. Maybe it wasn’t really Percy that fell to his death; it was someone wearing a Percy mask. Or Percy has a twin brother and he was the one who died instead of Percy. Yeah, I know, this isn’t Days Of Our Lives and Percy isn’t Stefano Dimera. This Phoenix isn’t going to rise again. But I’d be willing to swallow whatever way they could find to keep Percy and Xander Berkley around, if they could find a way to do it.

Yes, the show has added eye candy in the form of Sean the dud stud and Ryan. We also still have Amanda on the loose with a decoded black box. Still, they’re no Percy. Although Birkhoff makes the loss of Percy a bit less painful. I don’t think I could have forgiven the show if they had knocked-off Birkhoff who became my newest favorite character last season.

Maybe they could keep Percy around in flashbacks. There’s still so much we don’t know about Percy’s relationship with Amanda. And I’m sure Michael and Nikita and Owen still have quite a few Percy flashbacks in their past we could see.

It’s just so seldom that a good villain like Percy comes along and it’s just a shame to see him gone. The only villain of his caliber on the shows I watch would have to be Rumplestiltskin a.k.a. Mr. Gold on Once Upon A Time. Klaus on The Vampire Diaries is a bad joke as a villain.

There’s no doubt that when Nikita returns it’ll be a different show. Michael and Nikita will be back at Division while Amanda is the one with a black box. Roles have been reversed and maybe Percy wouldn’t have fit into the new order of things. Maybe when the new episodes start airing I’ll find I won’t miss Percy as much as I think I will. I can only hope so.


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