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Nikita -- Wrath

Updated on April 21, 2012

Percy breaks a dangerous man out of prison, Nikita faces an old foe from the past and makes a startling admission about herself, while Michael makes a sacrifice were the highlights of this week's episode.

The episode started with Percy visiting Nicholas Brant in prison. He wanted to cut a deal with him. He wanted the plutonium Brant had hidden somewhere and in exchange he would break him out of jail. However, Brant wanted something more than his prison; he wanted Nikita. Cue flashbacks.

Five years ago Percy sent Nikita on a mission to take down Brant and find out where he had a stockpile of plutonium hidden. Nikita managed to bring him in but couldn't find the plutonium. Nikita also asked for five minutes alone with Brant to show him what a woman could do to him. Nikita beat him up and cost him his eye, leaving a long scar down one side of his face.

Brant wants revenge for what Nikita did to him, and Percy agrees in exchange for the plutonium. Is anyone a little scared at the thought of Percy with plutonium in his hands? I am.

Meanwhile Alex and Birkhoff are questioning Nikita and Michael on why they don't just give up this fight and go off together to start a new life together. Michael tells Birkhoff he doesn't think he and Nikita are at that place, yet. Yet, what with Madeline Pierce about to give them both a presidential pardon they're going to need to come to some decisions about their future. Or will they?

Sean is on the phone with Alex as he's with his mother, when there's a sudden attack by a man on motorcycle. He sticks a bomb on Madeline's car and it explodes with her inside of it. Then the man removes his helmet and sits a fit moments in front of a traffic camera. It's Nicholas Brant and this is his way of informing Nikita he's back.

Nikita and the gang suspect Percy is behind Madeline's murder since he wanted to kill all the members of Oversight. That's when Birkhoff has a light bulb moment. He sent that video to Sonya. Percy must have been in the building when he did it and Percy is back in control of Division.

Percy, ironically enough, isn't happy about what Brant has done. He just wants his plutonium. He orders an agent to grab Nikita if he can and if he can't then he's to kill her. Meanwhile when the gang looks at footage from the traffic camera Nikita is shocked to see Brant. Michael is curious why she never told him about the Brant mission. Nikita said he was overseas at the time. So was Nikita involved with Brant while Michael was involved with Cassandra? It seems possible. Neither told the other about what went down on their missions, apparently.

The gang believes Brant will show up at Madeline's funeral. Alex accompanies Sean, who wants revenge against Brant for killing his mother. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael are doing stake-out in the car. They spot a couple of suspicious vehicles and split up to investigate. Nikita investigates a van and finds the driver with his throat cut. Then Brant knocks her out, throws her in the back of the van and takes off.

When Nikita wakes up she's strapped to what look like an old-fashion bed frame that's rigged to shoot electricity through her. Brant takes great pleasure in zapping her. He tells her she's got evil inside her. Just when it looks like he's about to break Nikita and she's begging him to just kill her, Evil Nikita comes out to play. She starts laughing when he zaps her again and tells him to bring it on. That's he's right. She does have evil inside of her, and she doesn't let anyone see it because she's afraid that won't love her. Brant not happy. Brant not making Nikita suffer as he dreamed of doing.

Like a spoiled child not getting what he wants he calls Daddy Percy. Percy says Nikita suffers when she sees someone she loves suffer and he can provide that someone to Brant if he gives him the plutonium.

Michael and company break-out Masterson, the only one of Brant's prison inmates to survive the assault on the prison Percy waged to get Brant out. He doesn't really tell him anything important, but he does tell them something that will become very important later on. He mentions how Brant got off on his mother's house being foreclosed on.

Percy using Sonya to contact Birkhoff and asks to speak to Michael. Percy says if he wants to save Nikita, it's going to require for Michael to sacrifice himself. Birkhoff gives Michael a tracking device to swallow so they can find him, but when Michael arrives at the destination he finds a note saying, "Drink me." And he does, which unfortunately, disables the tracking device. The Cleaner hands over Michael in exchange for the plutonium. Since Nikita also scarred him, he's definitely on Team Brant.

Michael and Nikita don't have a loving reunion, when Evil Nikita lets him have it with both barrels. She calls him a stupid SOB for sacrificing himself to save her and she tells him how she really feels about the Cassandra situation. I think it was actually a very cathartic moment for her. Michael tells her he knows she has evil inside her, but he loves all of her both the bad and the good.

Brant arrives and starts torturing Michael. Nikita manages to free herself and she and and tied up Michael take him on together. Meanwhile Birkhoff, Alex and Sean realize Brant has them at Masterson's foreclosed house and rush there. Sean arrives in time to pump a bunch of hot lead into Brant and to avenge his mother's death.

Micheal and Nikita's relationship turns out to be in a better place than when the episode started. Nikita tells Michael she can see their future, again. While Alex goes with Sean to Madeline's grave where he says goodbye to his mother.

Later, Percy calls Nikita and offers a truce. She's not in the mood to wave a white flag. She tells Percy she's making it her business to take him down.

It's terrible, but when they said someone would die in this episode I was worried it might be Michael or Birkhoff. I was relieved it was Madeline. I don't really consider her one of the major cast members. Of course, with Madeline dead, there goes Michael and Nikita's presidential pardon. I'm also wondering what Percy plans to do with that plutonium.


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