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Ninja Rhymes

Updated on October 11, 2017

Ninja Turtles

They Succeed

A local news reporter in New York City.
Investigates a crime wave in her city.
APRIL O'Neal was at a dock doing her Job.
& sees the criminals rob.
They rob some cargo containers.
Shes sees vigilantes stop the danger.
They leave behind a symbol after.
April takes the story to her co-workers.
She later attends an event with a company.
A company called Sacks Industries.
Who worked with her father some years back.
The group of criminals is lead by SHREDDER.
Shredder is a very skilled warrior.
He holds hostages including O'Neal.
The vigilantes are then revealed.
Before it, they free the hostages.
They go to a rooftop and discusses it.
Not knowing that April is recording it.
But when they find out she falls unconscious.
When she comes to, they introduce themselves.
Little Itty bitty turtles have genetically swelled.
MIKEY the fun one. The leader LEONARDO
RAPHAEL the muscle and DONATELLO.
They tell April to never show it.
and April keeps it.
But when she goes home, she discovers.
That those turtles live in the sewers.
They live with their father MASTER SPLINTER.
They're all products created by her father.
She couldn't prove it to the co-workers.
So it resulted in her being fired.
But one co-worker named VERN FENWICK.
wants to help her get to the bottom of it.
So he takes her to Erik Sacks.
& he reveals that it is a fact.
The turtles bring April to the sewer lair.
Splinter explains that April saved them from the fire.
He reveals that he became their father.
They mutagen mutated them all together.
So April then reveals.
That Erick Sack's knowns they are real.
Splinter then reveals.
That sacks had her father killed.
Shredder then finds the Lair.
He gets in a fight with Splinter.
He incapacitates, Raphael.
Capturing the turtles to prevail.
They're at the Sacks estates in custody.
Sacks have them in a lab while he is draining.
Draining them of the blood in their veins.
but Raphael comes in and he saves.
Saves and free them. They then pursue sacks.
but find Shredder instead, they are planning to plant.
Plant a device on the roof of the radio tower.
But the turtles stop sacks and his quest for power.

Pete Plosak/Johnny Knoxville
Jeremy Howard
Alan Ritchson
Noel Fisher
Danny Woodbum/Tony Shalhoub
Master Splinter
William Fitchner
Erik Sacks
Tohoru Masamun
Megan Fox
April O'neal

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles 2


The turtles are back with Master Splinter.
Shredder's in prison but an inventor.
BAXTOR STACKMAN is planning Shredder's escape.
As he's transformed to prisons it takes place.
While he escapes he meets two men.
They eventually became apart of his plan.
As shredder escapes he is taken.
Taken to KRANG in a dimension
Krang informs him that he plans to invade earth.
But needs the shredder to find three things first.
Shredder informs him of the Ninja Turtles in his way.
So he gives a mutagenic and sends Shredder on his way.
The mutagenic compound will create an army.
That army's bebop and rocksteady.
A large warthog and rhinoceros.
Afterwards, April stole the canister.
The canister had a little left over.
They went after her.
CASEY JONES recuses her.
Then the turtles seal the deal.
Casey Jones sees they are real.
They find the use of the mutagen.
It can turn them into humans.
They all can live normal lives.
But Leonardo doesn't think taking it is wise.
Despite what Leo thought they break in.
They go to retrieve the mutagen.
But they also meet the foot clan.
Revealing their existence to man.
The turtles escape it.
But April and Casey are arrested.
The turtles then track bebop and rocksteady
.On their way their way to recovering.
Recovering that final piece that Krang needs.
The turtles follow them but fail at stopping.
Meanwhile, back in the city.
Krang's vision is now manifesting.
He betrays shredder. Froze him with his trophies.
Once he got what he needed he started firing.
The police pursue the Technodrome.
They cannot reach it alone.
So the turtles intervene.
Casey Jones handles bebop and RockSteady.
Vern and April destroy the device.
The turtles reach Krane, are heroes by night.

Pete Plosak
Jeremy Howard
Alan Ritchon
Noel Fisher
Tony Shalhoub
Megan Fox
April O'Neal
Brian Tee
Rock Steady
Gary Williams
Brad Garret
Chris O'Donnel
Casey Jones

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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