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No really, I need to live through my children!

Updated on March 31, 2009

Like a train wreck, watching so many who will need to be rushed to a hospital later in life for psychiatric help, I can't look away.

I'm always amazed how "done up" the kids are and yet the mothers are almost always huge, missing teeth and any sense when it comes to their hair and clothing. While some would say that they're giving "it all" to their children, my theory is that they no longer exist and that these mothers think they ARE their children on that runway made of risers in that luxurious Holiday Inn ballroom. Just watch as the mother's echo the steps and moves of their daughters while they're on stage.

This is a whole new level of sick and as someone who once worked with some pageant girls AND attended Miss America this year I can tell you that these pageants are just ways of sucking money out of suckers and have nothing to do with the Miss America pageant.

Still this show is on my TIVO...I can't help myself. I want to make goofy faces, jerky head movements and "style" a coat as I take it off on the uneven risers. I'm hooked, dammit!


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    • MotherHubber profile image

      MotherHubber 8 years ago from Southern California

      Awesome, Scott! LOL! I loved your 2 minute response.

      I share your fascination - you absolutely nailed the reasons that we are drawn to these freak shows.

      "Just watch as the mothers echo the steps and moves of their daughters while they are on stage." AMEN!

      It's so creepy, and yet so entertaining. Kind of like watching a horror film. :)