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No room for a good writer in today's world?

Updated on February 7, 2013
Are classical wordsmiths superfluous in today's society?
Are classical wordsmiths superfluous in today's society?

Will my trade be nullified?

My dad has always said "there's always room for a good writer".Yes, not exactly Mark Twain but a worthy and justified quote don't you think? Not so.In today's world of bleeping technology and everything going so fast, people don't have time to sit back and read.Plummeting sales globally of high-brow newspapers and books confirm this.By now you're probably thinking to yourself:"We seem to have another eloquent cynicist who's going to bore and depress us with his pessimism".But I'm plenty more open-minded than that.Read a little more of my opinion and then please-give me yours,tell me it's not like that and the world is still a place thriving with dandelions and sugarplums.

So where was I? Oh yes. I've done my research and the figures are quite stark.Book sales have dropped dramatically;the only victors from the deluge have been the badly written filth "50 shades of grey" and the various other "mummy porn" that has followed in its wake and the self-help industry and as long as there are plenty of people feeling suicidal,that won't change.Yes, there are still a good few book lovers out there but as the audience shrinks and the price of paper skyrockets, becoming a high-profile writer is becoming all the more difficult as the market becomes more crowded and unpredictable.And so what has caused this recession of readers? We've got our smart phones that can access the news and send e-mails almost instantaneously.So what do we need to read an articulate columnists' viewpoint for or write a beautifully-crafted letter when one can just slap a few sentences together at the touch of the tiny or non-existent keys on our blackberry or Iphone respectively? And of course the digital audience continues to escalate,as more and more people across the world enable themselves to squint at their e-readers and kindles and blogging on the internet flourish.At the expense of physical paper-like reading devices.

So what am I getting at? Well here's the thing.I worry that now all we care about is extracting information, proved by the success of unintelligible bloggers and simplistic technological media coverage.. The niche for "infotainment " (text that is both informative and entertaining-much like what you're reading now, i reckon :) is already jam-packed and in decline but perhaps in 20 years time it won't even be there at all...

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