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No Mans Sky online?

Updated on August 11, 2016
Recently there's been this new release on a game called No Mans Sky. It came out on PS4 2 days ago and will be released on PC within the next 24 hours. The game is relentless, amazing, beautiful, no words to describe. So many planets, it would literally take 100s of years to explore the full game. The creator of the game, Sean Murray, has said plenty of times that you will be able to see your friends or even interact (sabotage) other players. He just says that there is a zero chance that you will ever see someone because of how vast the game is. That is until 2 gamers streaming live, find each other within the first 24 hours of playing. The problem? They could not see each other. Not a glimpse. On one players screen it was night time, the others was day time. Is the game actually online? Did they lie? Or was this actually a "bug" that they can fix within the next 24 hours before release on PC?


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