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Music Subscription: Tips for Indian Users Downloading Original Music from Apple

Updated on March 23, 2016

An unlimited subscription to Nokia's Music Store (now Nokia Music Unlimited), which claims to include millions of songs, is available free for a limited time (3-12 months) with the purchase of a new Nokia mobile device. One can renew the subscription after that by buying a voucher.

The songs have to be downloaded to a mobile device; the service no longer supports downloading them using a web browser. However, music downloaded using this subscription can easily be transferred to other devices. Although many other free mobile applications allow you to download music, the music they store on your device is sometimes difficult to locate or transfer.

I found the Nokia Music Store a really rich source of not only Bollywood film music, but also of regional and classical music. The work of great Indian artists is available in its original form. Music lovers who are tired of pirated music, or tired of cover versions of songs made famous by the original singers, may find it satisfactory that Nokia Music Store carries music from prominent companies like Saregama and Tips. Since the music is in MP3 format, it is not exactly equivalent to CDs or DVDs, but it's very close to the original recordings in quality.

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How the Subscription Works

On most Nokia Lumia devices, music may be played using apps such as "Nokia Music," "Nokia Mix Radio" or "Music+Video."

Nokia provides a free three-month Music Unlimited subscription with many mobile phones. After the free subscription expires, it may be renewed for a week, a month, or three months, at Rs 57/-, 113/- or 281/-, respectively. A voucher to renew your subscription can be purchased from Nokia Care centers in your area. Users preferring to buy a voucher online have to login here to receive the voucher PIN. Users have to create an e-Wallet and transfer the required amount into it using net banking, Visa, or credit cards. Certain banks provide an IMPS facility to transfer funds to e-Wallet during limited hours.

The Music Unlimited subscription is available only for the Nokia account that was initially used to sign up for it, not for other accounts, even on the same device. Hence, users must note down the username and password for their Nokia account.

If a user forgets the username associated with the Nokia account, he or she needs to contact the support team with the IME number of the device being used.

A user cannot download music with a second Nokia account; he or she will get an error message, "You already have unlimited music subscription."

Download Connection Tip

When you download music, always make sure that "Data Connection using Mobile Network" is disabled. It can get very expensive if WiFi is unavailable and music is downloaded using a 3G or 4G connection by mistake!

How the Nokia Music Store is Organized

The Nokia Music Store arranges music under different categories, including "Genres," "Featured," "Top Songs, and "Top Albums." Subheadings under "Genres" include

  • Bollywood
  • World
  • Carnatic Classical
  • Classical
  • Dance/Electronica
  • Devotional
  • Ghazals/Sufi
  • Hindustani Classical
  • Indiapop and Remix
  • Jazz/Blues
  • Regional Music, including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, and Rajasthani
  • South Devotional

The older generation may find music of its choice under the Devotional, Carnatic Classical, and Ghazals/Sufi genres.

Hindi film music is available in the Bollywood, Devotional, and Hindustani Classical categories.

The best practice in my opinion would be to download music first from "Featured' music albums, since newly released albums are available under this category. One has to revisit the "Featured" category frequently to keep one's music collection up-to-date. Downloaded music is stored in the folder "My Music."

The "Top Songs" category lists top songs based on their popularity. Individual songs may be downloaded from this category and later stored in a new folder. The "Top Albums" category should not be overlooked as a way of locating all-time great songs.

Use the "Favorite" Category

Even after downloading from all the above categories, a user can find even more music to download from Nokia Music Store by exploring the "Favorite" category, which stores all the gems for you.

To make the best use of this category, add "Favorite Artists." All the collections related to a particular artist are available under "Artists." If you like songs of Mohammad Rafi, for example, add him under "Favorite Artist," and click on his name to find all the albums related to Rafi. Even duets and duos that include a particular artist can be located this way.

Downloads of albums are traceable under the artist's name, which makes playing your favorite albums very convenient, including on other devices.


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    • profile image

      Das 2 years ago

      Ghanta kahin nehi mil raha hai Nokia music voucher so pls help me to find the Nokia vouchers.thanks.

    • profile image

      Sanjay Bansal 2 years ago

      How can i reedem my nokia music voucher.

    • crusador profile image

      crusador 3 years ago

      Hi Hemant, you may buy vouchers from the nearest Nokia Care centre. To find a Nokia care center in your locality, please go to webpage

      Link to oxicash is non-functional at present. Let's hope issue is resolved at earliest.

      Alternately, you may communicate your problem to Nokia Support Team. My experience shows that support team will solve your problem. I'll also contact support team and post a reply here after receiving the help.

    • profile image

      Hemant 3 years ago

      My Subscrption has ended and i'm not able to download ,neither I am getting Vouchers online(Oxicash is not able to provide the access for vouchers)

    • crusador profile image

      crusador 3 years ago

      Eknath pl. provide details of the problem. Some common problems are listed with solutions in the article. If you have a different problem, help will be provided to you to maximum extent possible.

    • profile image

      eknath musale 3 years ago

      Song is not download plz help me

    • crusador profile image

      crusador 3 years ago

      Thanks for the encouraging comment, teaches12345.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Thanks for the background and information. It's always good to keep on top of what is out there in dowload options.