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Nonsensical Ramblings Unleashed.

Updated on March 15, 2011

Nonsensical Ramblings Unleashed



If I could walk in my sleep,
even though I never have,
I would truly like to go
somewhere significant,
Like China, Alaska,
even Atlantis, or the moon.
What the heck,
distance would be
It's obvious that I
wouldn't get too tired
from walking,
because I'd be asleep

If I could come
without any physical efforts,
I wouldn't go anywhere.
The hell with significance.
I'd just sit around,
and smile a lot,
and maybe run some seminars.
Of course, I'd have to
call them semen-nars you know.
I'd get filthy rich,
by making other people come,
hands free, for a small fee
and then I'd buy stock
investing heavily in "Depends,"
and I would go for days,
forever coming,
with my friends.

If I could write a poem
to beat all poems,
that would make everybody
hearing it just nod,
because the words I'd read
related perfectly,
to a big hole in their lives,
that was just filled,
I would sell copies,
for just 20 cents a piece
to thirty million folks
here, and abroad
would sail with me,
to Easter Island shores,
where we would smoke sweet ganja,
and just lounge
beneath those massive heads,
that watch us
stone faced as we go
skinny dipping in the waves.


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