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Non-Stop, Keep It Coming

Updated on August 21, 2014

The Plot

Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) is a federal Air Marshall with a few personal problems which make him overly invested in his work. On a flight to London he receives an anonymous text demanding 150 million dollars or a passenger will die every 20 minutes until the money is received. Marks goes on the hunt for the antagonist, only to find that the threat holds true. As the fruitless hunt continues the blame is increasingly shifted onto Neeson's character as he becomes increasingly agitated and passengers start dying. This begins the quest to not only protect all the individuals on board, but also to clear his own name in the process.

What We Got

Liam Neeson essentially reprises his character Brian Mills from the very successful film Taken. Even the names are similar: Brian Mills = Bill Marks. They both seem to have a very effective and useful set of skills which they must implement in order to save the lives of others. So it is not quite a leap to say that this movie is essentially the movie Taken but set on an airplane. This is entirely okay to me. I am a fairly big fan of Liam Neeson's recent dive into the action world. He has definitely made the list of top ten action heroes for me. So taking this into account, I very much enjoyed the film. I was able to predict who the antagonist was...sort of. To fully understand the ambiguity I placed in that statement you will just have to watch the film yourself. So many characters are involved in the film that truly predicting is nearly impossible. It was nice that it was not just the Liam Neeson show, other actors played some relatively large parts in the film that, as usual, is advertised as Liam Neeson punching bad guys in the face. Again, that is exactly what I signed up for. The moments where suspense was created were actually pretty suspenseful and the dialogue between the characters was fairly well done. All in all, if you are a fan of Liam Neeson, or just the action/thriller genre, I would say that this is a good watch.

Neeson Knows

Liam Neeson was a classically trained actor who has appeared in numerous high-quality, award winning movies. Suddenly, after making these movies he becomes a breakout action star? How did this happen? Honestly, I don't have a clue. Whichever agent put Neeson up to the movie Taken, which to me shot him straight the top of the action genre with the greats, reinvented and reinvigorated his career. Since then, he has made the same movie a few times, all with pretty big success. Almost immediately after Taken, he came out with Unknown. This was basically a combination of Taken and The Bourne Identity. Some found it to be alright, I found it very entertaining. From here he went on to fight for his life from a pack of vicious and hungry wolves in The Grey. This is one pof my favorite of his due to the reversal of roles for him. Usually he is the one on the hunt, this time, it is the wolves doing the hunting. Finally, before Non-Stop, he made the sequel to Taken which was essentially the same but more. I remind you, this is a-okay in my book. All in all his career is consisting of punching things in the face, and I just can't get enough. Clearly the successes of his new career model are not lost on him as he continues with the gritty action, and hopefully doesn't stop anytime soon.

What's Next?

Neeson has another film slated to release this year entitled A Walk Among the Tombstones, as well as another called Run All Night. These films will continue his action/thriller trend for which he is becoming increasingly famous. And finally, Taken 3 will end the Taken series. I sincerely hope that they do not nosedive this film, leaving a bad taste in the mouth for the series. Neeson will surely deliver his usual performance, entertaining the audience. Hopefully the writing will not ruin the movie.

Now for my hopes for what will happen. With the immense success of the Expendables franchise, with the third releasing this August, I hope to see Neeson on the list for the imminent fourth installation. I think he would be a great asset to the group, bringing in his own particular set of skills, and definitely being able to keep up with the rest of the cast. With Neeson's success in the action genre since 2005 if you are counting from Batman Begins, or 2001 if you start back at Star Wars Episode I, I would say he has clearly earned a spot on the roster. If he doesn't get the call by number four, I think it is sad to say that it just might never happen. If he does though, that will solidify him as one of the action greats of the newer era alongside the likes of Jason Statham, Jet Li, and The Rock (who has sadly not been cast into this series either).

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