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Norman Reedus Wants "Silent Hill" To Be Saved

Updated on June 3, 2015

Norman Reedus is an actor who was known early in his career for his role in "The Boondock Saints" in 1999 but it was his role in "The Walking Dead" that helped Reedus gain his celebrity status. He would become a worldwide favorite not just in TV's best cable show but a favorite in acting in general. Never before has he been considered being used as a main character of a video game until Guillermo Del Toro's game "Silent Hills" revealed Norman Reedus as the main character in a teaser trailer from the PlayStation store.

On April 26th, Guillermo Del Toro announced that the game was officially cancelled and tweeted out to the public, "It's just not going to happen." Reedus was "Super Bummed" that the game was cancelled but it sure didn't take long before Reedus started taking action in helping restore the game. He tweeted out "The hills are no longer silent," as he began a petition to get the company to continue the project. Through several sites the petition has over 40,000 virtual signatures and that number is expected to grow. The question is whether or not the number of signatures will even have an effect in making a decision of continuing the project.

What led to the decision of canceling the game was the fact that Hideo Kojima and Konami Studio had decided to split. "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" was considered to be the last project before the two sides officially split and that there would be no time to finish the Silent Hills project. Many fans have shared their dislike in the decision of canceling the game as say that they don't plan on buying the new Metal Gear Solid game to show it. A move like that would not be good for business so this may have Del Toro change his mind.

It is hard to imagine why Hideo Kojima would cancel a game that had such high hopes and or at least finish this project before splitting up with the studio. The game alone was expected to do well in sales and now that fans know that Norman Reedus was going to be a main character, a good amount of fans would get the game strictly just for him and the number of sales could possibly double and go through the roof. There are other interested parties in seeing a demonstration of the game to see whether it would be good enough to partner up continue moving forward with the project and that's something fans will be paying attention to. The game was not scheduled to come out until 2016 so there is still time to save the project and still have it come out on time. A good amount of the project should of have been done thus far so completing it shouldn't take long as long as Del Toro finds a partner to make it happen but he hasn't confirmed nor denied that he is in search of one.

Reedus And "Silent Hill" A Match

When you look at The Walking Dead and Silent Hills, they are technically similar. Both deliver suspense, horror, and some sort of drama. Daryl, Norman Reedus' character in The Walking Dead, thrives in scenes that involve those kinds of categories as you see in The Walking Dead so Reedus and Silent Hill is basically a perfect match. This is why fans were excited for this game to come out. Fans already see Reedus as a "Bad-Ass" character from The Walking Dead and were hoping to play as him in Silent Hill. Maybe one day we hope to see Norman Reedus play another character in a different game in the near future if Silent Hills isn't saved.

The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus still has bigger things to worry about for the future. Season 6 of The Walking Dead is set to return during the Fall in October. We can expect to see his character, Daryl, to have the same kind of big role like he's always had from when the show began. He clearly doesn't need a video game to continue to gain his fame when he has The Walking Dead.

Norman Reedus Revealed As "Silent Hill" Main Character


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