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Nostalgia with Animal Bands

Updated on May 7, 2010

Def Leppard

Even though they misspelled leopard, these guys used to rock. I still remember being able to play them on the jukebox at my favorite bowling alley! They have many great songs, but Photograph is still a classic. I remember listening to this song with a girl I met in Colorado. I was there visiting my cousin and I called cute girls out of his yearbook and told them I was trying out for Ozzy Osbourne’s new guitarist. This girl liked my story and we hung out.

I’ve only seen leopards in the zoo. Not sure if they were deaf.


A Flock of Seagulls

I don’t know much about these dudes, other than they have cool hair and used to rock. I still remember dancing to I Ran late at night at a club in Texas. It was a three level club and I went to the club with one girl and ran into a different girl that I liked. I tried to keep them on different floors and split my time between them without getting caught!

I’ve seen many seagulls, especially while on Spring Break at South Padre Island, Texas. They are annoying, especially when you’re hung over!


Porcupine Tree

This band rocks hard and is one of my favorites, plus they have a rad name!

I’ve seen many porcupines in Colorado.


I used to like Ratt a lot and seem to remember a lot of controversy in the metal magazines about Stephen Pearcy (lead singer) stuffing socks down his pants to create a bulge in his tight leather pants. They have many great songs, but Round and Round is a fav. A friend of mine used to hate the song, because Ratt says they’ll “tell you why”, but never do.

I’ve seen many rats…well some may have been mice. I remember a long time ago I had a mice/rat problem in my house and the girl I was with at the time didn’t want to be “mean” to the mice. So, traditional traps were out of the question…we had to use these stupid boxes, where the mice would get trapped in. The main problem is that it was up to me to take these boxes with the caught mice, put them in my car, drive a few miles away, and let the mice loose. I did this a few times, but one day I was convinced that the mice were returning to my house…making the 3 mile journey back.  Out of frustration, I decided to put the traps with the mice in them on the road and I ran them over with my car.  I know this sounds bad, but I didn't see it any worse than traditional traps.  I had to explain to the girl that I threw the traps out because they were dirty. I still feel pretty bad about doing that to the poor mice.


Remember Here I Go Again, featuring the lovely Tawny Kitaen! This video rocked! Whitesnake (with Great White) was the first concert I ever saw in Little Rock, Arkansas, of all places! They rocked.

Spending time in Arkansas, Texas, and Colorado I’ve ran into many snakes. Even ran a few over with the lawnmower in Arkansas.


The Eagles

The Eagles are classic. Great harmonies and many great songs…one of my favs is Take It Easy.

I’ve seen lots of Bald Eagles outside St. Louis, in Illinois.


Three Dog Night

The story goes that the vocalist’s girlfriend read an article about Australian dogs that slept in holes in the ground for warmth. On particularly cold nights, they slept with two other dogs. My fav is One…the loneliest number!

I used to have a Black Lab, German Shepherd, and Doberman. Small dogs are silly.

Hootie and the Blowfish

These guys were infectious back in the 90s. I saw them in concert in Austin. I was living in San Antonio at the time and won tickets from the local radio station. We took a bus to the show. I wasn’t that impressed with the show, but they have a few great songs. Also, the bus broke down on the way back to San Antonio from Austin! We had to wait on the side of the road for almost two hours for another bus. Let Her Cry is one of my favs.

I’ve held a Blowfish (also called Puffer Fish) in Jamaica and seen many while Scuba diving.


Glass Tiger

These guys were pretty famous in the 80s. Great fashion sense :) Bryan Adams even pitches in on this song.

I’ve only seen a tiger in the zoo.



They’re from Germany and Rock Like a Hurricane. I used to love these dudes. They have many great songs, but Still Loving You is one of my favs. I never saw these dudes live, but used to love their live Tokyo Tapes. I remember "cruising" to them in a hick town in Arkansas.

I’ve seen scorpions in California and Arizona.


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    • profile image

      ndm 5 years ago

      Whitesnake/Great White at Barton Coliseum was my first ever concert as well. I found your hub when I was Googling around trying to remember who Whitesnake's opening act was that night. Thanks for the answer! :)

    • poet83 profile image

      Brian Lawson 5 years ago from Windsor, Va.

      This is a pretty creative hub you've put together! Very interesting and thanks for sharing!

    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      @John Z - I think we all had a crush on Tawney! I still do.

      @Ripplemaker - Awesome for the nomination! You rock!

      @k@ri - thanks for the comments. I'm glad you like the pictures! I struggled with the Ratt picture.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      Great list and I love your choice of pictures!

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi Kea, congratulations! This hub is a hubnugget nominee. Click this link: :-) I loved your photos! LOL

    • John Z profile image

      John Z 8 years ago from Midwest

      cool list! I had a crush on Tawney for quite awhile after that vid. lol Thanks!

    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      Hi K.D.! Thanks so much for the great comments! The Eagles do indeed rock and I struggled with which song of theirs to choose...they have so many great ones. I really like this version of Take it Easy though. I used to have crazy, teased hair too in the 80s!

    • K.D. Clement profile image

      K.D. Clement 8 years ago from USA

      What a fun and clever hub! The Eagles are the best imo-but who could forget that crazy 80's hair? Great layout and inventive. Looks like I need to add to add you to my faves! :-)))

    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      Oh yeah...Samantha Foxx...I don't think she counts as a band though, but she rocked my world, back in the day!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      oh one more, but I'm afraid she's not a or in a band! Remember Naughty Girls Need Love Too? Yipes, it's Samantha Foxx! LOL :D

    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      Yeah, the hair bands totally rock...I wanted to be fair across all sytles though. Believe me, I considered White Lion, Leatherwolf, Britny Fox, and even Vixen! Maybe I'll have to post a follow up on Hair Metal Bands Named After Animals!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      LOL But the hair bands were the gods back then! So it would be cool and I woudn't have noticed. besides, music is so much greater than the length of their hair! :D

    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comments.

      Cris A - I was going to include White Lion, beacause I love them, especially "Wait". I thought I was leaning towards too many hair bands though :)

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      lurve this hub! i remember white snakes' Is this Love, too and the Flock of Seagull's The More You Live the More You Love! And might I add White Lion's When the Children Cry? Cool, thanks for sharing :D

    • crinkle profile image

      crinkle 8 years ago from Philippines

      wonderful list. :)

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

      cool list