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Fun With 60's, 70's and 80's Cartoons!

Updated on July 5, 2016

Everyone Loves Garfield


Saturday Morning Cartoons

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Saturday Morning Race For Cartoons !

Growing up and being one of five boys we always had a ton of laughs during cartoons. At a young age, my parents owned a small local business, which, we lived upstairs. My father had the need to have the “Latest and greatest” always trying to out-do the other local business owners. The benefits and how this relates to morning cartoons, we were the first in the area to have a,” BIG SCREEN.” Woot, incredible it was. You know, the projection type that takes up the entire wall, cartoon characters looking bigger than us kids. It was fantastic!

Kids from several blocks away would be racing down bright and early Saturday morning, big bowls of cereal awaiting, advertisements just getting going about 6 a.m. And every child around jumping on bikes to see who was going to get there first. On several occasions, I can remember a couple of friends riding down on their bikes, no shoes, no shirt, and my mother scolding them for not having the patients to get fully dressed. Saturday Mornings became an automatic get together for us. So much fun!

"Transformers," A "had to" watch!

Transformers were always a thrill to watch as a kid.
Transformers were always a thrill to watch as a kid. | Source

What the heck ! "Hilarious"

Every once in a while we would get “out of hand” while watching cartoons. A place filled with pop, candy bars and gum, you can just imagine. Sure most of the time we were supervised, but, once in a while my parents were busy cleaning, stocking up coolers, etc. Customers coming in and out laughing at all of us lined up watching morning cartoons.

Kit Kats, the most famous for sneaky little tricks. Sliding the candy bar out carefully and unwrapping it without any wrinkles. Folding it back up and putting it back in its outer covering, it looked full, but, “totally” empty.

Later that day my brothers and I would watch and watch some more, waiting for my father to get one for a customer. Sure enough here he comes, "Squash" What the heck? Grab another, "squash" Oh you darn kids! Oh, we all laughed so hard, sometimes we even ended up grounded from a Saturday morning toon show. So worth it! Oh, we did second guess the act when friends teased about not being able to come watch cartoons, but, they "eventually" laughed with us knowing they all had taken part in the little game. It would take several weeks before attempting that little trickery on my father again. Funny to watch him study the candy bars on the weeks we didn't do it, still anticipating an empty wrapper.

Oh, The Memories! Do you remember....?

Pink Panther, Jabberjaw, and who doesn’t remember Yogi Bear or The Flinstones? Let’s not forget Flash Gordon, Mighty Mouse, and Scooby Doo, always were suitable for some laughs. Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner, now you know your having a laugh thinking of those few! Morning wouldn’t be complete without a bit of scary stuff “at the time” like Godzilla, Thundarr the Barbarian, or the Adventures of Plastic Man, even a little bit of The Real Ghost Busters. Incredible Hulk was always a must to watch, the transformation, the ongoing episodes, and of course the muscle, Oh as a child you just thought that was cool!

80's Favorites !


Did You Know ? "Voices" of cartoon favorites!

Here is a list of voices. See how many you knew! Most voices listed are from early years.

Scooby Doo - Don Messick is best known for this voice in the early years.

Fred Flinstone - Voice was made famous by both Henry Corden and Alan Reed.

Bugs Bunny - Best known for this voice, Mel Blanc

Elmer Fudd - I think Billy West did this voice flawlessly!

Papa Smurf - Don Messick was the best!

Snagglepuss - Daws Butler did this up until approx. 1988

Cartoons Of Today -vs- 60's, 70's, And 80's

Today with cartoons, you have all day programming. Cartoons showing the whole day long, repeating time after time, kids can watch them whenever they feel like it or are allowed to by parents. Goofy, ridiculous, characters, “in many cases” I feel are designed for the adult observation. Today the cartoons are lengthy, losing the small children’s interest quickly. The voices, wording, and even the tone of many characters these days leaves kids with a faulty sense of realism.

Early day cartoons “though of fairytale nature” the need to expand your imagination was still there and still allowed for a child to believe its originality, feel as though some of which they were watching could be real. Whether it was scary, funny, or simply entertaining, they were short, changing every half-hour, easy to stay amused.

The Ghost Busters “for example”, followed from one episode to the other, similar to Superfriends. Scooby Doo, another that allowed you to follow from one Saturday to the next. In early cartoon periods, particular cartoons were only on Saturday mornings. After school daily cartoons didn’t have the same characters or originality. Every kid I knew of looked forward to Saturday Morning cartoon adventures!

A Favorite Tom and Jerry Episode

Personal Favorite Saturday Morning Fun

Tom and Jerry, Snagglepuss, and Yogi Bear were just a few of my personal favorites. Who else loves the saying “Exit Stage Left Even?” Another favorite is Whiney The Pooh’s “Tigger” with the famous song.

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers, Is Tiggers are wonderful things, Their tops are made out of rubber,Their bottoms are made out of springs.

They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! But the most wonderful thing about TiggersIs I’m the only one, I’m the only one

The wonderful thing about Tiggers Is Tiggers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber. Their bottoms are made out of springs

They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers Is I’m the only one, I’m the only one.”

My, I laugh every time I think about Tigger. I "totally" still know this song by heart. Yogi Bear and his "Hey boo boo, why don't we go fetch us a picnic basket" or something like that, another "instant" giggle.

Funny Cartoon Characters

This one and so many others "simply" just make us laugh. As a child or an adult, cartoon characters make us smile just because of their appearance.
This one and so many others "simply" just make us laugh. As a child or an adult, cartoon characters make us smile just because of their appearance. | Source

Test Your Cartoon Knowledge

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Cartoons, Laughter, and Good Times!

As adults, , we tend to forget a lot of pleasant memories. Memories that brought us a ton of laughs, good times with childhood friends, and some moments that are just “simply” unforgettable. From a beverage coming out of our nose, to funny little pranks we played on friends, it is those memories we need to share with our own children. Cartoons, a big part of childhood fun, yet, now days, they are simple daily activities without any kind of reward. Just a tool parents use to keep youngsters occupied. The specialty of cartoons just being shown on Saturday mornings is gone, the thrill of it almost being “Saturday” being lost within a fast paced world for a child. Though not all will agree, however, for me Saturday morning as a child was something to look forward to. A time when all my childhood friends put differences aside and enjoyed some extremely fun moments together.

© 2013 Joseph Mahoney Sr


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