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Not Your Leave It To Beaver

Updated on December 1, 2011

Still a Brave Heart

Mel the Pariah

Compare the rating and status of this film, The Beaver, to Mel's The Passion of Christ.

Since doing The Passion, Mel has been blacklisted by the predominately Jewish establishment of the film industry. Check it out. The guys with deep pockets who can green light a film and lend to it a seasoned producer and director, etc., are predominately Jewish. They never forgave Mel for his drunken rant about the Jews and/or for what they saw as a slam via his depiction of Christ's demise in The Passion against their people.

They have seized upon his recent marital problems, DUI, etc., to drive the man almost entirely out of work. If only all of us had friends like Jodi Foster. The mere suggestion I am making will make every Jew (practicing or not) put a price on my head, but the truth is the truth. Mel is one of the most talented actors/directors in the field. Making it nearly impossible for him to practice his craft is simply bigoted and unfair.

Gibson may be as crazy as a lune, but he is a real artist and has proven his capabilities. Depriving him of artistic opportunity is heinous. And the Christians who lauded him are nowhere to be seen now, and that is even more repulsive. Right, wrong, or nutty, Gibson is entitled to his express his opinions -- either in film or a drunken rage. We may not like it. It may be hard to swallow, but muzzling an artist smacks of the gulags into which Stalin placed his artists.

The Beaver demonstrates that Mel Gibson has lost none of his versatility and craftsmanship. As an individual, think of him what you will, but remember, you are only entitled to comment upon his artistic endeavors, and, if you wish, upon his rants, but primarily it is his artistic endeavors by which he should be judged.

Stephen Spielberg, I dare you to allow Gibson to direct another film. You have made several flicks that exalt the tenacity of the Jewish race. Are you able to make the next step? Are you able to overlook the ravings of an admitted alcoholic so that he can go on and produce another marvelous piece of film making? Do you possess that kind of leniency and courage? Probably not.

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