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Unusual Fashion Portraits

Updated on October 21, 2014
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I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years. Hope you enjoy my hubs!

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Everyone is used to seeing beautiful portraits and regardless of the subjects; young ,old, women, men, groups and so on, we have come to expect that these portraits are done in a similar way; people smiling and posing for the camera.

Other innovative and creative photographers have taken a different route and have posed their subjects in typical poses but with very different ideas in mind.

This photographic project falls under the realms of portraiture photography but has a rather odd twist.

The idea is to set up your subjects while wearing outfits that do not match, are clearly designed for two different alternatives and using appropriate props to differentiate one outfit from another. The point is to think out of the box and do unusual fashion portraits.

To get an idea of what the project entails try to imagine a gentleman wearing a dress shirt, an appropriate tie, hair nicely combed a suit to match, but instead of wearing matching dress pants, he is wearing tennis shorts, sneakers and is holding a tennis racket on one hand.

This creates an unexpected yet comical shock upon an audience and it is what captives them and keeps them gazing at the image.

The project itself does not require much preparation other than having selected the outfits, the props and a location which can be as simple as a room with a solid color background. The emphasis is on the models and not necessarily on the location.

However, for an added effect, you can set your scenes in an office environment ,on a tennis court. In other words the location must be complementary of at least one part of the outfit.

(CC BY 3.0
(CC BY 3.0 | Source

Do not think of just dressing a subject in strange and weird outfits. Both parts must be identifiable as typical for an activity. This is what creates the shock. Think of a project which involves split personalities and fashion all combined into one.

You can also do shots that show a partial subject such as the legs, half torso and such. So long as the image shows two different outfits that do not seem to match and one is definitely wrong for the location, then the project's theme has been achieved.

Lighting techniques are the same as if doing a regular fashion shot. Use two light set ups placed at 45 degrees angles to the subject and opposite each other.

A regular lens 55mm or thereabouts should be enough and use flash if you feel that you do not have sufficient light.

Otherwise the only thing different from this project and a fashion one is the strange outfits that the models will be wearing.

The resulting images ares equitable for a photographic magazine, for motivational posters and for greeting card publications.

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CC BY-SA 3.0 | Source
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