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Not a Scarlet Letter(Shea Song)

Updated on May 1, 2015
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Bronson Wilks is a partner in National Staffing Solutions, a registered nurse, internet marketer and passionate about personal development.


Not A Scarlett Letter

We don't understand cancer well enough. Cancer research has been in process using billions of dollars for multiple generations now and we still, as a society, look at it as a scary, life threatening and unavoidable disease. That's why I titled this song, "Not A Scarlett Letter" because we don't understand, well enough, how our own behaviors, diets and environments cause cancer. The blame cannot be placed, young people are being diagnosed with cancer. Cancer rates in all ages are going up. To those who have been diagnosed with cancer, it must feel extremely frustrating and frightening. I'm sure everyone asks themselves if there is something they have done or exposed themselves to, they probably do a detailed life review and usually, their lives are much like the people around them who for some reason don't have cancer.

"This is not a scarlet letter, though at times it would be better"

Sometimes it's easier if it was our own fault, if we can just pinpoint the problem and place responsibility in the proper place and then take action to solve the problem. I have such strong emotion around the dilemma. I want so badly to help support those who are fighting it. My prayers go out to you.

Cancer Song

I wrote this song about cancer when my sister in law got breast cancer at age 24. It must be an indescribably trying time in a person's life, with emotions of every kind. I hope you connect with the song.

There are so many trials for every single one of us in life. Cancer is a very significant trial for many. I hope we can all take a step back and gain a little better perspective of the trials the people around us are facing, and collaboratively, come up with ways to help. Some people want more support verbally others need better information, many are struggling financially, stress is everywhere, so the major question is..."how do you feel and how can I help?"

One way I'm hoping to help is to make a few pennies from music, websites and events to donate to cancer awareness, child abuse awareness, addiction awareness and so on. Hopefully, I can offer songs to the public that people can connect with. When people watch my videos on you tube and click the adds, I'll be paid, when they go to my websites and click those adds I'll be paid and every little bit helps. Both the emotional connections and awareness around these difficult topics as well as financial support to those in need.

I invite all to join a fight. I believe any fight for good is the same fight we all struggle with each day. Please reach out whether it's through watching the videos others have made, going to rallies and events, donating money or service or creating your own assets for others to connect with. Lets take action together.

Not a Scarlet Letter

My New Music

A local radio station KDSS 92.7 in Ely Nevada started playing my Cancer Song on air. I got such a good response to the song that I decided to create a new You Tube channel and promote more of my music. My new channel link can be found below. I have created a number of other simple music videos, all of which are meaningful to me. I hope you find them helpful and enjoy the lyrics. Two of the songs on that channel are about God pulling us through a difficult time and the joy of being a parent. Two topics that may be the most significant things in my life, God and family.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Sorry to hear that. Two of my sister in law and one niece had breast cancer. Went through surgery and having bad times too. Wonderful song. Voted beautiful.