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OK , my cat is officially smarter than me

Updated on November 4, 2009

Suzuki the Power Cat

Resting up for her next conquest....
Resting up for her next conquest....
Perfectly toasted.
Perfectly toasted.

That cat is a sneaky one.........

There's nothing like preparing yourself the perfect midnight snack... you toast your bagel (Einstien Bros Wild BlueBerry, the last one in the bag) to the perfect degree of takes two tries in the toaster for that... you let it cool off a little bit so the butter (not margarine, butter...Land of Lakes unsalted).. anyway, so the butter doesn't melt too much into your bagel, spread on a thin layer, grab yourself a tall glass of cold, cold milk, and sit down on the couch, carefully placing your heavenly snack on the coffee table.

You grab for your laptop, open it up, and log on to HubPages. You reach down to the table for that first bite of your tasty treat and.......


And lo and behold, there is your CAT, under the table, EATING YOUR BAGEL!! The idea to get it away from her and just eat it anyway (you did go to an awful lot of trouble) flashes through your mind. But then kitty runs off, and you see that your beloved bagel is now upside down, with the buttered side on the rug, and you realize....

that eating off the floor is even nastier than eating after the cat.

Damn.  Wish she hadn't dropped it.

Oh well, maybe some microwave popcorn...


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    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      they have their own distinct personalities, don't they, Which4u? thanks for your comment!

    • Which4u profile image

      Which4u 8 years ago from Leicester, UK

      Haha, I have 2 cats and the little buggers always catch me out!

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      itakins, maybe our cats are related. Thanks for checking out my hub!

    • itakins profile image

      itakins 8 years ago from Irl

      Oh so funny- sorry-one of my cats steals brocolli uncooked and leaves bits all over the place-you have to love them!

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      now that you mention it, my cat does go after bread more than anything else, except sushi

      thanks for your comment, partyanimal

    • ThePartyAnimal profile image

      ThePartyAnimal 8 years ago

      OMG - That is too funny - I have 6 cats and one of them loves bread - this has happened to me. I have to know hide my bagels and bread in the cabinets to avoid unwanted bites and nibbling.

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      That's true Feline, maybe if it was spread with cream cheese...

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 8 years ago

      LOL...that was cruel of your cat...the least she could have done was eat the whole thing! :P

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      nothing wrong with that, less vacuuming!

      thanks, hglick

    • hglick profile image

      hglick 8 years ago from Ronkonkoma, NY

      elisabeth My cats will help you with the popcorn LOL

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      thanks girls, spoken from true cat people!!

    • profile image

      Crazdwriter 8 years ago

      Your cat is too cute and too funny. I hope you write more up on your cat. Your story is great. Thankfully my three beasts I mean cats don't do that lol

    • profile image

      jane 8 years ago

      You DON'T have to be a professional...that there was funny, I don't care who you are : )


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