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OLTL -- Irene Manning -- A Woman For All Seasons

Updated on August 17, 2011

Forget Helena Cassadine...


She's a pussycat compared to Irene Manning.

There's been a lot of evil soap mommies, but this one takes the cake. I don't think any of them can lay claim to not only brainwashing their mentally handicapped son to take the place of their twin brother, but also carving up their face, without sedatives, no less. And she did that to the son she likes.

I'm just sitting there all agog as I'm watching her explain when she got the brilliant idea to alter her son's face even further, and from the way the flashback played, I think she did it, herself. So not only is our struggling single mother a rogue CIA agent, she's a brilliant plastic surgeon. And I highly doubt she used any sedation when she started carving her favorite son's face up like she was carving up a chicken.

The whole thing just cracked me up, and while everyone else's needle seems to be stuck on Vic Jr. being a special needs child, no one is mentioning this chick performed plastic surgery on her son's face to make him look like Mitch Lawrence's brother, Walker.

I know it's sick, but I like Irene. She's the first really vile villain we've had on this show since that horrible monster, Austin Buchanan. I hope they keep her around. And I'd downright love her forever if she wiped Scumas Delgado off the face of the earth.

This guy couldn't tell the truth if you shot him up with truth serum. He aided in handing Todd over to evil Irene. And the scum du jour goes around town like he's Llanview's leading citizen. Come on, Irene, he's a rat who betrayed you. Set a trap with some cheese loaded with rat poison to rid Llanview of this varmint.

I see a lot of people trashing the actress, but I think she's great. She's a cold-hearted snake. The last time I saw Barbara Rhodes she was playing a magician assistant on The Love Boat and she was a very nice and sympathetic character.

We need a big bad mama like Irene. Dorian used to be a force to be reckoned with but she got watered down over the years. I'm actually hoping they keep her around to wreak havoc. Sorry, but Echo and her pathetic revenge plans are ridiculous. Let's let Irene take a crack at wreaking havoc in Llanview. I know she can do it.

She did say this wasn't over, so I have hope she'll be around for awhile. I'm really curious what this horrible vile woman is going to try next.


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    • SUSIE42 profile image

      SUSIE42 6 years ago

      All of these soaps that are going off the air, are bringing back the dead.