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One Piece: Luffy's Best Fights

Updated on July 23, 2020

One Piece has had a very long journey and as it is coming towards its end it has shown us some great fights. And today we will be talking about none other than the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. The captain of Straw Hat pirates had some great fights but had to taste some utter defeat too.

On their journey, the straw hats faced some formidable foes and with every encounter, Luffy has to take down them for his crew to win. With so many great fights over two decades, ranking all of them is a tall task, but in this article, we'll break down the top ten.


Luffy VS. Arlong

Luffy taking down Arlong was so satisfying. Through Nami’s flashbacks, we saw her miserable past which made anticipation for Luffy going after him even great. This fight also led Nami to believe in his captain and helped to build trust between them, it became a hype scene when Luffy gives his hat to Nami when she asks for help and then the straw hats take the famous walk to Arlong Park.

Luffy helps Nami to overcome her past trauma when breaks down nami’s room and after defeating Arlong he stated that she is her nakama and no one can harm her which was a very hype scene.


Luffy VS. Crocodile

This fight served as essential progress for Luffy. It was his first encounter with one of the Warlord of the Sea and he had to clear this obstacle because he was bound to face him again in the future. In his first bout because of his inability to touch him, he faced an utter defeat but with his cleverness, he found that he can use water to touch him. With the civil war going on in Alabasta, the final fights conclude with Luffy punching crocodile over the triumphant victory.


Luffy VS. Gecko Moria

Moria was the second Warlord to cross paths with Luffy, even though he was not powerful as Crocodile but with his resources and ability, he was worthy of Warlord title. He stole Luffy’s shadow and put it into the giant Oz to make him his servant. He gave straw hats a lot of trouble but with Luffy’s new transformation “Nightmare Luffy” he took down Oz after which Luffy and Moria had a one-on-one single battle in which Luffy won obviously.


The Battle of Sabaody Archipelago

Sabaody Archipelago was the last stop before the new world. It was an important fight for Luffy because he tasted a complete utter defeat. It all started with Luffy punching a Celestial Dragon, Saint Charlos due to which the Marines charged with a huge fleet along with an Admiral. It also showed us the first view of other supernovas such as Kid and Law fighting alongside Luffy. Things take a sudden turn when Luffy and straw hats were cornered by Kizaru, Shutenmaru, and pacifistas, this led Luffy to realize the gap in power as he was watching helplessly when Kuma was taking out every straw hat one by one.


The Battle of Marineford

This fight wasn’t against a single opponent too, to save his older brother Ace, Luffy poured out everything he can. He even crossed paths with some big names like Mihawk, his grandfather Garp and even the three Admirals. One of the biggest moments was when Luffy used Conqueror’s Haki, knocking out a countless number of marines and drew the attention of everyone towards him. But it didn’t turn out well when his brother died in his arms,

This battle serves as a foundation of his determination of not losing anyone precious to him.


Luffy VS. Hody

This fight showed us the results of Luffy’s and straw hats' two-year training. Luffy's entrance became a hype scene when he came out of the mouth of the shark and kicks off Hody to the cliffside. And then facing against 100,000 soldiers, Luffy used Conquerors Haki to knock out 50000 soldiers in an instant. This fight was a showoff for Luffy because of the power gap between him and Hody, Hody was only able to keep up with him because of the drugs and water advantage. We got to see many new attacks like Red Hawk which he developed with his training and inheritance of his brother’s will. Luffy concluded the fight with a final blow of new attack- Elephant Gatling Gun.


Luffy VS. Rob Lucci

Lucci was the leader of the secret World Government organization CP9, who had taken Robin. To save the lives of straw hats, robin choose to leave them, to save robin from CP9 Luffy and the straw hats attacked at Enies Lobby and had some deadly fights but this was the only fight that has pushed Luffy further than anyone had. We also got see some new techniques- Gear Second and Gear Third on which Luffy heavily relied upon. But even with these two transformations, Lucci was able to bring down Luffy on the floor but after an emotional speech from Ussop, Luffy stood up even after getting a deadly blow and unleashed everything into the strongest attack at that time- Jet Gatling Gun.


Luffy VS. Kaido

Luffy and the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance headed to Wano Country to take down Emperor Kaido. Luffy got separated from his crew at the same time Kaido appeared before the rest of straw hats and landed a deadly blow destroying the whole area, Luffy thought that Kaido killed his nakama and the little girl Tama which made him very furious and started attacking Kaido with Gear Three and Gear Fourth moves but he realized that his attacks were not working because of Kaido’s hard skin. Luffy charged with his strongest move King Kong Gun but it didn’t affect and then Kaido took down Luffy with only one blow. This fight made Luffy realize the power gap between him and the Yonkos. Even if it was a defeat for Luffy its still one of the best fights in the series.


Luffy VS. Doflamingo

Doflamingo is one of the best villain in the series, so far. He controlled Dressrosa just like a puppeteer controls his puppets. Law and Luffy allied to take him down but Law was brutally injured in the fight which made Luffy alone standing.

Facing his greatest opponent after 2 year-gap, Luffy unveils the heights of his training, Gear Fourth. At first, Luffy became unstoppable and Doflamingo couldn’t fight back. Even still, Doflamingo lived up to his reputation and showed us the first glimpse of the awakening power of a devil fruit. In the end, Luffy concluded the fight with the most powerful move in his arsenal-King Kong Gun. Without a doubt, its one of the best fights in the One Piece series.


Luffy VS. Katakuri

This is one of the best fight in the series which surpassed the expectations. With a bounty of 1 billion berries, Katakuri represented the widest strength gap that Luffy had to overcome.

Being pushed into the corner, Luffy’s only option was to learn Observation Haki at the same level as Katakuri. Due to external interference, Luffy is gravely wounded but to make it a fair fight Katakuri himself injured him so that he won't have a dishonorable victory. After a clash of Conquerors Haki, Luffy reveals a new Gear Four form-Snakeman which made him victorious in this deadly fight barely.

© 2020 Saurabh-Mittal


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    • profile image

      Priyam sangal 

      3 days ago

      Lovely !Keep posting more and more !!

    • RidaeFatima021 profile image

      Rida Fatima 

      11 days ago from Pakistan

      Amazing article. Thank you for sharing :)

    • profile image


      13 days ago

      The world will end if

      Luffy reads a book

      Zoro finds his way

      Nami donates to a charity

      Ussop becomes a brave and honest person

      Sanji lose chaste

      Robin forgets how to read poneglyphs

    • profile image


      13 days ago

      I agree that Luffy fight with Kaiod has to make this top 10 list

    • profile image

      Khushi mittal 

      13 days ago

      Luffy Best fights ❤

    • Saurabh-Mittal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 weeks ago from Rohini

      Heyy Guys i hope you like this article and please leave a comment . It helps to know what on all areas we are lacking and who all agree with me that Luffy fight with Kaido has to make this top 10 list.

    • profile image


      2 weeks ago

      Lucy best fights lovely ❤️


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