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OSCAR NOMINATIONS 2015 ! - The Last Leg of this "Big Race"...

Updated on January 25, 2015

While winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in the film "Bullets over the Broadway", Dianne West quoted, "Gee, this isn't like I imagined it would be in the bathtub." Well, to be honest, I believe nothing ever happens like anyone imagines at the Oscars.

When the clock struck 5:38 a.m. at the morning of 15th January, 2015, film fanatics of this whole world were ready to hear who made the cut to be on "Santa's Good List", I mean the Oscar nominations. For the first time in Oscar history the nominees for all the categories were announced and it was in two parts. At first, J.J. Adams and Alfonso Cuaron took the stage and announced the names of the first set of nominees. It included technical categories such as visual effects, makeup and hairstyling, sound mixing etc. At the second half of the ceremony, Cheryl Boone Isaacs (President of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) and Chris Pine continued to announce the names of the second set of nominees for categories, which included acting, music, writing etc.

As the President spoke the very famous lines at the end of the ceremony, "We are pleased to announce the names of the films nominated for Best Picture", I think most of us were ready with our lists having 10 names while Academy stopped at 8. The Question on everybody's mind "Why would the Academy nominate only eight films? .This year may not be the best year but it sure had great films and picking eight out of a big bunch of remarkable films wasn't the greatest way to honor the films released this year.

The nominees for the different catagories include:-


Please slow down, you're far ahead of the others!

Easily the "Best Picture" of the year. The film captures emotions and moments of a broken family with such rawness that when Mason's mom cries you feel like calling your mother and talk to her. The vision that Richard Linklater saw 12 to 13 years ago of making a film about the journey through life of a boy, his sister and his single mother has finally finished and is now considered one of the milestones of world cinema. The fact that Mr. Linklater used the same boy and girl (Ellar Coltrane and Lorlei Linklater respectively) to be the lead for the whole film for over 12 years is what keeps it ahead in the Oscar race. Patricia Arquette, who played Olivia, Mason's mom, was the one who is the best in terms of performance in the film. I hope BOYHOOD is the "BEST PICTURE" for the Academy.


Where did you come from?

I believe this year's Oscar heart attack was when AMERICAN SNIPER got nominated for "BEST PICUTRE", films such as "NIGHT CRAWLER", "MR. TURNER", "INTO THE WOODS" was rejected over that film. Is the Academy "Obsessed" with Bradley Cooper, that even if he cries with Adam Sandler, Sandler goes on to win an Oscar.


Hope you drive that wheelchair faster, others are getting ahead.

If Eddie Redmayne wasn't as half as good as he is on that film, the DVD of that film would have been on my trashcan by now. The film made me sniff, when it showed Stephen Hawking fight against the will of god and try to talk and live life as any other person would want to. He inspired and taught me never to back down even when your body does. The character of Stephen hawking and the person who played him is equally inspiring as the character itself.


Oh god! The name doesn't fit the certificate you moron.

Why do great films have longer titles and why do actors move into directing after their days as an actor starts coming to an end? Well, BIRDMAN clearly gives you the perfect depiction of insecurity, lost fame, getting up from failure and incidents that haunts us from our past. Michael Keaton plays Riggan Thomson, who is a washed-up Hollywood actor known to people once as the Birdman, a superhero. The film tells us how actors, in the process of getting their lost fame and respect back, fights their past and present demons luring in their mind and the society.


Are you sorry for what you did to him or are you thanking him for ending WWII?

I think Benedict Cumberbatch is really planning to become a legend, because after you watch his performance in "THE IMITATION GAME" you are certain that this man can do more than what we expect. Playing Alan Turing with such precision got him a nomination for BEST ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE. Benedict portrays Turing as both logical and vulnerable. He seeks logic in the situations of saving thousands of people or not but also cries and breaks down when is threatened to be separated from his machine and friend "Christopher". It is the performance of the cast, the sheer purpose of showing the true "HERO" that actually ended the war and letting us know the person for which we writing articles on a digital screen with a keyboard and not on the typewriter makes us cheer for this film a bit more than the others

The list goes on to include SELMA, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, WHIPLASH, GAURDIANS OF THE GALAXY, MR.TURNER, CAPTAIN AMERICA- THE WINTER SOLDIER and many more. If I start writing about all of them I think the readers would just go for the next article just by looking at the length

It is not possible for any award ceremony to celebrate the excellency of too many films but it is better to celebrate some than none. Be ready everybody, this yearlong race will get over on February 22nd, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.



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